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Trying to set my service back up...

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Old 07-08-2008, 09:57 AM   #1  
What is HD?
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Default Trying to set my service back up...

So we moved down from Gainesville to Orlando Florida this past week, and pulled the satellites off of the poles that we had. Actually, before I get started let me tell you what equipment we have. ViP722 hooked up via HDMI at 720p. 1 dish pointed at 61.5, 2nd dish pointed at 110/119.
Anyway, so I then went and bought some big planters, filled the bottom half with cement and mounted 2 poles 3.5' tall. (That leaves the rest of the depth of the planter for my wife to plan flowers in. I embedded 2 plastic pipes for drainage in each). I put the dishes on their respective poles, and then using the numbers from Dishpointer, I've put in the skew and elevation and the general direction.

Now the problem is that when I go the the signal meter on the receiver, it registers a signal of 0 for any of 61.5/110/119. I don't even know if it detects that the LNB's are connected.

So some questions:
1/ Is there a way to tell whether the receiver detects the presence of the LNB's?
2/ Originally the 61.5 was plugged into the 110/119 LNB and then from that inside to the seperator which was going to the sat1 and sat2 inputs. Can I just run a cable from the 61.5 to the sat1 input and one from the 110/119 to the sat2 input instead?
3/ I used to have the 2nd TV hooked up using the reverse pass-through thingy that then had another separator outside that split the tv2 feed from the incoming satellite connection. I no longer have a need for that, so I just didn't plug either of the connectors back in. Do I need to tell the receiver that I did that?
4/ Do I need to change any settings when I'm just plugging one LNB into the receiver so that it doesn't try and look at all 3?
5/ On the signal meter screen, when I'm trying to find 61.5, should it be on dish 300? That's the only one that gives the on-screen values for the azimuth, elevation (it says skew is N/A which I'm guessing means 90).
6/ The larger issue I think is that due to the apartment complex' rules, I have to put the dishes on the balcony. We have 2 in our apartment on the second floor. One is on the South and East corner of the building, the other is on the South and West corner (meaning I have about a 235 degree viewfield centered on South, which is why we chose that specific unit since I knew that the dishes needed to be pointed SE and SW). It's a standard 8' ceiling with about an 18" overhang. When it talks about the dish's elevation being set to 50 degrees, does that mean that the satellite is literally 50 degrees from the horizon? My wife said that that's just where you point it, but the signal is another 22 degrees about that. In that case, I guess I need to figure out how low the dish needs to be in order to be able to see 72 degrees into the sky.
7/ When mounting on a pole, it only seems to work when the dish is on the top of the pole. I don't mind cutting the pole down lower if I know that that's what it needs, but since it's one of those things you can't undo, I'd rather wait until I know for sure that the lower height will receive the signal. Is there any way to mount the dish lower on the pole? When I tried it, unscrewing the horizontal bolt basically unlocked the elevation setting so that it's no longer pointed at the elevation it is set to. Am I just missing something?
8/ I have it plugged into the broadband just like it was before, but when I go to at least try and get the local OTA channels via an antenna is says it can't do so because there is no data connection. Does it have to be connected to a satellite to access that feauture? It's pulling an IP address, so I know that it has that data connection.

We've had Dish for about 8 months and have been extremely happy with it. We're also excited about moving to Orlando because now we can get NBC again. We can also get local OTA HD channels that we couldn't get in Gainesville, but also I think Orlando is on the list for HD locals off of 61.5 at some point.

Thanks for all the help! As you can tell, I've never done this myself, but being an engineer, I appreciate the opportunity to learn and understand it better. PS, sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it.
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Some of the resident Dish experts must be on vacation but I will do my best to assist you. I'm in Ohio but I set my father-in-law's Dish up over in Palm Bay.

1-Go to the menu and get into the installation section and run a "check switch", this should let you know if it detects the LNB.

2-The 61.5 will plug into the wing dish port on your Dish 500 LNB and the way you thought to try prob will not work but the new Dish 500 LNB with the wing dish port makes this very easy.

3-I too did not need the reverse mcguillicutty thing either and am guessing that no you don't need to inform the receiver.

4-I think the Dish 500(I presume this is what you're pointing at 110/119, right? if not I don't think you can get what you need) and the 722 will do what is needed on their own without intervention in regards to this question. My experience was not complicated and your's should be nearly identical as far as acquiring 110 and 119 and the receiver recognizing the LNB for these. I didn't get around to the 61.5 because my pops-in-law only had standard def receivers.

5-Can't help you on this but my guess is the same as your guess.

6-Yes, I think. I just used a straight edge and spanned the dish top to bottom in about the center line before I mounted the LNB arm to approximate the angle to see if trees might obstruct my line because it's hard to tell without some kind of visual reference. A T-square would be sweet for this. Your overhang may be an issue as I found the angle to be quite higher than one would think.

7-No that bolt is also a stop, too.

8- Not completely familiar here either but I have an antenna hooked to my 622 here in Ohio. The antenna just connects to the "ant" coax connector on the back of your 722. I forget how it is named specifically but the you must go into the menu-system setup-local channels, etc and use the find channels feature and it will use the ota tuner to scan for whatever your antenna can pick up. You will find plenty of channels over in Orlando for sure because over in Palm Bay we picked up 20 some Orlando channels if I recall correctly especially if you have an outdoor antenna and you'll probably be good to go with rabbit ears actually. On top of that, we only had analog tuners, so you'll grad all the sub channels as well. I know that doesn't really answer #8 but I don't believe the broadband connection has anything to do with the OTA tuner but I my be wrong. i know if you subscribe to your locals package, your OTA channels will have the regular program channel guide showing the schedule so DVR scheduling will be the same as the rest of the channels, sweet.

Good luck and I'll keep an eye on this thread for any other's input so when I finally coax my in-law to get an HD receiver(s), I'll know how to proceed with getting 61.5 online.

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What is HD?
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Thanks for getting back to me. Like you said, using the check switch thing I was able to get it to tell me that it saw all 3 connections. (They are both dish500 dish's).
However, I'm still not able to get any signal out of the dishes. I have them both plumbed as true as possible (using cardboard temporarily just to try to get it to work. If it does work that way, then I'll rig something more permanent), and have all 3 orientations set how they should be. The 61.5 has a clear shot of the sky, with only a screen in the way. However, it is registering at 0 on the on-screen meter. The 110/119 has a fairly narrow range between the ledge and the overhang that it needs to fit through to get the signal, but if I can get the 61.5 working, I'm willing to try putting the 2 dishes on the 2 different porches.

I'm just frustrated that I can't get anything more than a 0 signal out of either of them. I'm hoping the LNBF's (or whatever they are called) aren't dead. The technician is coming out on the 17th (the next available date!) to try, but I was hoping to have it done much sooner than then.
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