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Cost Increases

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Old 04-14-2017, 08:52 AM   #1
What is HD?

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Default Cost Increases

Bear with me as this question is a little long winded:

Recently signed up for Dish Network again after a several year hiatus. My Dish was still in place and I had a 722K I just plugged back in.

Just an FYI: I cut the cord a few years back as a cost saving move since using a streaming service (Netflix) was way cheaper than paying the monthly bill. And paying for a movie rental or TV program on Amazon was still way cheaper than my monthly Dish bill. And I could receive all my local channels in HD. Anyway.....

Fast Forward to a couple of days ago. With the new Flex Pack offering [email protected] and guaranteed for the whole 2 year commitment I found it would be cheaper to cancel one of my ISP accounts (Our Internet service is REALLY slow at 1.25mbs so the wife and I have separate services. Initially both services were only $19.95 each. But that was many moons ago.) and go with $39 monthly and just cancel Netflix, SlingTv and the extra ISP account.

So I called Dish after verifying my 722K was ready to go, verifying satellite lock and signal strength, etc.

The person I talked to said that instead of buying into the 2 year commitment I should just go with a month to month. I would still get the flex pack and it would be $47 a month with taxes and everything.

This morning I setup my online Dish account and now see an Additional $15.78 that will be charged on the 25th. When I call and ask why, I get "Sorry, the rep forgot to include the DVR service charge.

I do not want to get into the whole "Why should I pay for a DVR I own outright" debate. Let's just say it is what it is and I accept that.

However. now I am wondering about several things:

1. Why not just re-up my service with their equipment (Could get a newer, fancier Hopper) since it would cost the same for the DVR service and I would save five bucks a month over my current setup.

2. However, do I want to give up the option to cancel at anytime (without a penalty) just for the sake of a lousy 5 dollars?

3. And what if Dish raises their rates? I would be protected for 2 years if I "lock in" to a commitment.

4. How "stable" has Dish's pricing been over the past few years? I would hate to have a significant price increase show up in 6 months and have the $39 for 2 years guarantee disappear from their offerings.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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What is HD?

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Just got done talking to Dish Network and am not happy. I have sent the following letter to Dish Customer support to see if I can get my issue resolved.

To whom this concerns,

After a several year hiatus from Dish Network I saw the "Flex Pack" offer on your website and wanted to sign up for it. Since I still had the Dish for your service mounted on my house, I hooked up my VIP 722K (with OTA module) back up and verified proper satellite signal. Then I called in (yesterday 4/13/17) to customer service to activate my system.

The Customer Service Rep (I don't recall her name) I spoke to was very friendly and courteous. After explaining I was calling in to take advantage of your Flex Pack offer (I am attaching a screen shot of what package I chose) with my existing equipment she checked the smartcard/receiver numbers to ensure they would work without issue and then suggested an alternative to me:

Since I was using my own equipment she would be able to just activate my service on my equipment and I would not have to commit to a 2 year plan. And it would be $47.32 month with taxes! I thought this was a good deal so I agreed to go that route.

After getting continual error messages (371) on my receiver I called in to customer service several times to find out why my new service was not working. It was finally determined that my existing smartcard was not compatible and I would need a new G4 smartcard. And I was told that their would be no charge for the new card or the shipping so I was happy that (eventually) I would have my service up and running.

This morning (4/14/2017) I went into my online account to see if there was any shipping information about my smartcard and saw a new $15.78 charge that will be coming off my autopay account on the 25th of this month. I called in to find out what this charge was for. I thought that maybe I was mistakenly being charged for my replacement G4 smartcard.

It was explained to me that this was for "DVR Service" on my account. After questioning the charge, it was explained to me that this was a charge that would occur regardless of using my equipment or your equipment. I won't argue or debate this point. I will take this as "it is what it is" and leave it at that.

Now however this "better and less expensive package" is costing me 10 dollars more than if I had just chosen the Flex pack offer on your website. I thought "No problem, I will just change to my original plan and if needed, use your equipment instead of mine. Please keep in mind, this is not a case of myself just "changing my mind". My decision was based on the recommendation (and erroneous information) from your sales rep.

I was told that if I want to do this I will have to wait 60 days for my address to clear before I am able to sign up as a new customer. And remember, I may have an active account, but am still not using your service because I am (essentially) waiting for parts to make the service usable.

I spoke to several people and eventually was connected to a Customer Service department supervisor (I believe his name was Jose) who was very polite. He stated that the only thing he could do for me was make a one time courtesy removal of the $15 DVR charge but it would continue after that.

I am reaching out to see if this can be resolved. I have the 2 following suggestions:

1. Drop the DVR charge to the same $10 month a person would incur if they were using your equipment and grant me the $5 discount for using Auto pay. I am already enrolled in AutoPay. I would be more than happy to accept the 2 year commitment with this.
2. Allow me to cancel my existing (and as of yet non-working) service and enroll in the plan shown in the attached picture I am sending WITHOUT having to wait 60 days.

Again, this is not a case of simple buyers remorse. I acted in good faith on the suggestions of your company as to what plan to use and the reality is I am now paying more money than what I was told I would pay.
Please respond at your earliest convenience. I wish to resolve this ASAP at this level.

Thank you for your time in this matter.
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The one problem is if you have a dvr receiver (which the 722 is) you cannot drop the dvr fee. You would have to use a non-dvr receiver to avoid it. Note: the Hooper is also a dvr receiver and the dvr charge for it is more.
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