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follow up question on backup UPS

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Default follow up question on backup UPS

I reseached several UPS brands today... it seems that each offer a UPS specifically designed for Home Theater. They call it an "Online UPS". These particular models do a couple of things differently. First, the take the 110v 60hz AC input and convert it to DC, it then conditions the power and converts it back to AC. This enables power to remain constant and it also provides a true sine wave output (aka clean power). addtionally, it handles power fluctualtions, brown outs and blackouts without fluctuation to the powered device (in this case, an HD television). They are more expensive than the Line sensing UPS that switches from power to battery with a very quick drop of power (miliseconds).

Do I spend the $300-400 for the opportunity to have the fan cool the projection bulb or suck it up and let the Best Buy Warranty cover any issue that may result?
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OTA for local HD is best

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Don't waste your money on all that conditioning. The top name TV's have excellent power supplies. Top manufacturers don't assume only crystal clean pure power in design of a TV. Although I wouldn't be so sure about the store brands such as Insignia.

Spend no more than $100 on a good capacity UPS, and it will also help with the lightning surges and power flickers. And of course, lets you shut down the TV and let the fan run as needed.
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