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Sound Issue on Samsung using RVU

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Old 04-03-2014, 01:13 PM   #1  
What is HD?
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Default Sound Issue on Samsung using RVU

Thanks in advance for reading this post. I am seeking solid ideas for how to solve a specific problem.

Relevant Equipment:
HR44 w/ Mini Genie (C31) + 2 RVU clients
HR20 (quantity two)
Whole house networking, via wired
TVs in question: (quantity two) Samsung UN55ES6500FXZA

Setup of problem:
2 Samsung TVs, connected to DirecTV HR44 via RVU. No sound bars or other connections. AC power and Ethernet going into the Samsung TVs. The Ethernet is connected to DirecTV’s DECA, over coax, homed to a splitter, in turn connected back to HR44. Functionality such as Netflix, on Samsung work as expected. Video on Demand via DirecTV works as expected.

Summary of problem:
On Samsung TVs (both same model), when watching recorded TV from Genie, sound intermittently drops for a second or two. Rewinding and playing again typically sounds normal – indicating the sound is present in the recording. Playing the same program directly on the Genie has zero issues. Live TV generally has a picture freeze along with a sound freeze. Recorded and live TV issues happen every few minutes. Watching content on the Samsung TVs from another DVR does not yield these negative issues. This problem has existed from the day the components were installed, about one year ago.

My theory is, packets are being received faster than they can be reassembled by the RVU app/software/hardware inside the TV, and thus some are dropped. Of course, this seems to be contradicted by viewing content from another receiver. I am not sure if the non-Genie content flows through the Genie or not. If not, the DVR > RVU functionality works as expected, thus leaving a problem in the communication between the Genie (both HR34 and HR44 have the same issue) and the RVU.

Actions taken include, but are not limited to: updating firmware, resetting TVs to factory default, replacing main boards in TV, measuring resistance in coax, replacing Genie, replacing DECAs and measuring DirecTV signal strength (99% on all five satellites). I even segregated the traffic on the two TVs on its own segment (no other devices). This did not change the symptoms. Isolating the segments away from the Internet had no impact other than the obvious; inability to access Netflix, Video on Demand, etc.

I have had DirecTV for 15+ consecutive years. I reported the problem, went through case management, and DirecTV has been to my residence numerous times, replaced receivers, tested the coax, etc. Their only solution is to use the C31 (Mini-Genie) thus eliminating RVU. As a test, this works as expected, but because no wire exists to connect the TV to the home network, I would be forced to use wireless – less than preferred for logistics (distance to access point) and security. Very few people at DirecTV even know what RVU is, and point the finger of support to Samsung.

Samsung has replaced the main boards in the TV units. Before the technician departed, the latest firmware was applied, and the issue resumed. Samsung sent a service provider. After explaining the problem, the representative removed power from my HR44 and was “certain” the problem would go away. It resumed. He offered nothing else and departed. After many more calls, Samsung offered another “second opinion”. After waiting two weeks, I called the service center to learn the case had been cancelled. Since then, call after call to Samsung yields “your unit is out of warranty” or “contact DirecTV”.

I try to explain to both DirecTV and Samsung that RVU is the (my words) “love child” of Samsung, DirecTV, Cisco and Broadcom. It simply falls on deaf ears. My dedicated DirecTV case management agent said I am fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Yet, here I am a year later with two TVs with a feature that does not function as expected. The two vendors who partnered to create the technology point to the other for support.

Am I the only one having this problem?
Does anyone have any suggestion for how to solve the problem?
Should I attempt to contact Samsung and DirecTV executives in an attempt to resolve?
Should I just cave and use the C31 (Mini-Genie)?
Should I switch to Uverse [it is available to me] and use their wireless receiver?
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Welcome to the site I have a genie no rvu TV's so I don't have the problem perhaps some here does.
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Old 06-30-2014, 10:48 AM   #3  
What is HD?

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Default Directv in house installer here

I too have a rvu tv in my home. I was very excited to use it with my new hr44. I experienced freezing and breakup of picture within 10 mins of installing it. Sound would also cut out or go out of sync. I have since went to a c41 client with no issues. I will never hook up a rvu tv for a customer based on my experience. I've tried different decas, hr44s and tried a run of cat 6 straight from router to tv. All failed! Spoke to other techs about the issue and its the same story every time. I own a sony tv but the stories are the same no matter the brand. Our office does not own a rvu tv to show management the issue and we have suggested they buy one, but they haven't yet. If you are reading this to see if you should purchase a rvu tv, I wouldn't! Save your money.
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