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Panasonic CT 30WX54

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Default Panasonic CT 30WX54

Amazing TV -- Panasonic has done it again!

Pro's - Panasonic Brand, Picture Quality, Sound Quality, HD, Widescreen,
PIP Advance Features, HDMI, Array of Inputs.

Con's - NONE--ZERO

I have always trusted and purchased Panasonic for all
my television needs. Last year was the first time I
had purchased another brand of Television, which was
the 26" Samsung Widescreen HDTV with Internal Tuner. I
have continuos problems with the Samsung, not many but
enough to make me grind my teeth for deciding on a
different brand. I then decided to buy a second tv and
the Panasonic 30" was my choice.
I calibrated both televisions using Video Essentials
and AVIA. I used the awesome Panasonic RP 91K
Progressive Scan DVD Player and the newly, so-so
performance Samsung HD 941. I connected both players
into the Panasonic 30" using both HDMI for the Samsung
and Component for the Panasonic. Picture Quality is
bleeping amazing. Crisp, very, very detail true flesh
tones. I used several reference DVD Titles such as:
Chronicles of Riddick, Lost In Space, Reservoir Dogs,
Frailty, Ice Age, Enter the Dragon, Total Recall and
The Specialist. These DVD Titles have a good
re-production/recording of high detail in flesh
tones/color tones and blacks. The sound in the TV is
also amazing for television speakers. I have to keep
lowering the volume in my cheap apartment because on
number 9 it is loud, crisp, clear and loud enough. Yes
#9 setting. TV has ample inputs, I just wish in todays
day of High Definition and Up-Conversion times they
would and should have included more than one HDMI
input. But believe me I am not complaining what so
ever. I have not been able to test the HD capabilities
on it because I have no hard ware to support it. It
does not have an internal tuner for HD reception nor
do I plan on getting cable to get robbed. Waiting to
move for Satelite.
I purchased it at the only retail outlet store that
was local to me and had only one left, Circuit City
for about $850 with another $150-200 for an extended
warranty for "just in case" situations. I am very,
very happy and pleased with this unit/model. I highly
recommend it.
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to Panasonic CT 30WX54
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