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endoftheline 05-13-2009 05:57 PM

Connect and Control PC to HDTV over ~50ft
I'm planning to get a 46" HDTV in the living room of my apartment, and I want to connect my PC (Core 2 Duo E6700, GTX 260) to it. My PC is in my room, and to get from the PC to the HDTV the cabling will have to go out the door of my room, down a hallway, and then into the living room. I don't care much about the look of the cabling much, but I will route it a little just around corners and along the wall. 50 foot is a bit of a conservative estimate, but I think it will need ~40feet distance.

Anyway to connect the video I have been looking at 50 foot HDMI cables, there's many ideas on how well it will work, but I have a few of varying quality's and prices to try, and I think I can get one to work. Basically I'm just going to use a DVI-D -> HDMI adapter on my GTX260, and then connect that to the HDTV.

Then for the audio I was just going to run a standard 50foot 3.5mm Stereo audio cable, and just have another set of PC speakers by the TV. Also I could use a RCA Adapter to put it into the TV, however I'm not sure if this would work, since the audio in from the PC would be on a different input than the video in from the HDMI, so I don't know if the TV could display both together?

I'm wondering tho, if a 50foot 3.5mm Stereo audio cable, will effect the sound quality in a big enough way to really make the sound effected. Now I don't really care that much about audio quality, I just want some normal stereo sound, but if that 50 foot cable is gonna really make the sound terrible, then I'd want a different solution to that.

So basically I'm hoping I will have the audio and video connected pretty well, now I just need a way to control the PC form the living room. A wireless keyboard and mouse is basically what I want to use, but I'm wondering if It will be able to reach from my PC to the living room? The signal will need to travel like 8 feet from my PC to the door, then 10 feet down the hallway, then 15-20 feet to where we have the keyboard/mouse on a couch.

Does anyone know of a a wireless mouse keyboard, that can go around 2 corners like this?

I also have a Wireless N router in my room, which easily reaches to laptops out on the couch, is there anyway to have a wireless keyboard and mouse connection travel through that?

If wireless just can't turn corners like that or penetrate the wall, then I was wondering If I could run a USB extension cable like 25 feet from my PC right to the last corner, and then connect like a wireless keyboard mouse receiver there, which would be in line of sight of where we would use the keyboard. Or maybe connect a USB powered HUB instead, and then connect the wireless receiver, if the USB can't travel 25feet on its own? (I've heard it can't travel that far)

I'm still in the planning stages, and don't even have the HDTV yet, so I'm open to any ideas on the setup and cables/connections. Specifically I'm wondering if the audio will sound ok after 50 feet, and if anyone knows of a specific wireless keyboard/mouse technology that could travel this far, or a specific wireless keyboard/mouse itself.

heyman421 05-13-2009 08:48 PM


endoftheline 05-15-2009 04:48 AM

Thanks for the info, I can't run anything through the wall, my school owns the apartment. In terms of running my audio into my tv, this is the tv I might get:


If I was to run a audio cable from my SPDIF optical out, how would I connect it to my TV?

This TV seems to have a 3.5mm stereo audio cable, that is linked to the HDMI video input, made for connecting a PC, which seems pretty convient.

When you say use RCA cables which cables exactly are these, and how do I connect them from my PC, basically I've only used the 3.5mm stereo connector from my motherboard's audio out for sound output like to PC type speakers with that same input.

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