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Hauppauge MediaMVP (Network Media Player) Thread

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Old 02-23-2009, 11:06 PM   #46  
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Thumbs up Things to come for SevenMCE for MVP

Below is a full high vivid scale prototype model for New! SevenMCE that matches what's going to be in Windows 7 MCE but this would be for MVP. There will be some new features that's not done before in the prior themes, that's why it going to take longer to release this one. This theme will also feature some of the stuff I've had released for Vista MCE for MVP main menu past weekend which high vivid scale image on the main menu but some more extra goodies will be coming soon.

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Old 03-02-2009, 12:44 AM   #47  
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Talking New! Build 700 3/2/09 - Released - SevenMCE Theme/Mod Customized by Tipstir

Information on the Skin theme: SevenMCE Standard

Media - On (default)

Media - Off (optional)

Author: Albert.Altech (aka tipstir)
Status: Stable
Version: 7.00
Format: 4:3/16:9
Skin Version: Standard 7 MCE
Last Updated: 03/02/09

Download Current Build

Download Media On (default)

Download Media Off (optional)

What's New!

SevenMCE Standard Theme for Media MVP Customized by [email protected]

Build 7.00 - Release 03/02/09
New! Coding using less than 60% of HDD space for SevenMCE Standard Theme
New! Features with Animation on all mods that feature it!
Added Animated MCE 7 ORB
Added Full Month, Date, Year, Day of the Week, 12/24/hr Clock (default 12hr)
Added Tweaked ConfigurationSet.xml will be loaded by default for best performance from MVP
Added 3x New Mods that can be access from the Main Menu only!
Added (Red) - Full Screen of Weather Radar Map
Added (Green) - Full Screen of Traffic Cam Map
Added (Yellow) - Full Screen of MyShot
Added (Blue) - Music Library Playlist of last played songs

Note that you need to run the files located in User and English
Read the Help on theme.txt for more information this will help
loading the new code faster.

Thanks for trying out the New theme! Enjoy!
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Old 03-06-2009, 02:03 AM   #48  
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Smile New! MediaMVP - mY Home Theme/Mod Customized by Tipstir

See youtube demo here...
My Home Theme/Mod is still WIP
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Old 03-15-2009, 12:58 AM   #49  
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 4,660

Demo of Build 800 has been posted on Youtube.. I programming Media Changer for MediaMVP so you can change the media easy.

YouTube - Build 800 SevenMCE Theme Demo for MediaMVP

This build uses higher graphics than Build 700, and save you 80% less HDD space, just to let you know Well see the video. Enjoy. EST on the theme release not yet more testing has to be done with the Media Changer and the theme.

4 New Mods - Easy to add your own stuff now..
My Logo (1x) - Any of the PVR Software Logos or your Company Logo still or animated
My Shots (4x) - Quick access to your own Favorite Shots
Cam (4x) - Any type of Cam animated or still-updates
Weather Cast (4x) (replaces Weather) - Animated or Still-images

Note: Demo Preview won't show all the new features there's more but I'll post that info when I release the time.
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Old 03-15-2009, 09:29 PM   #50  
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Thumbs up Customized using My Logo Mod

My Logo Mod Covers: SageTV, Media Portal, BeyondTV, and yeah GBPVR..
You can use any logo or one you made up using Media Changer
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Old 03-18-2009, 07:31 PM   #51  
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 4,660
Thumbs up Build 800 3/18/09 Released! (Deluxe Version)

SevenMCE Standard Theme for Media MVP Customized by [email protected]

Download here:

Build 8.00 - Released 03/18/09
Media Changer Feature Ready
Change the Main Menu Features for Media Changer
Theme uses 80% less HDD Space
Theme uses sharper image detail
Added 15 new modes
Replaced Weather with Weather Cast Viewer
Intellicast Mapping is now support
Pearl Crescent Page Saver Option is now supported under Internet using Firefox
Added Weather Cast (red)
Added 4x Weather Cast Viewer
Added 4x different weather cast displays
Added (red) to next and (green) previous screens
Added Cam (green)
Added 4x Cam Viewer
Added 4x different Cam displays
Added My Shots (yellow)
Added 4x My Shots Viewer
Added My Logos
Fixed Selector
Changed Movie Library folder.jpg size
Fixed Fonts so they're bigger and brighter
Fixed missing images in Picture Library
Fixed missing images in Radio
Changed/Released graphics on all Popup Menus
Fixed various glitches in theme

Build 7.10 - Release 03/06/09
Fixed various glitches in theme
Added more mods for traffic/weather
Added support for http://pearlcrescent.com/products/pagesaver/ (Install Page Saver Basic)

Build 7.00 - Release 03/01/09
New! Features
Fixed a lot of bugs


vista MCE Standard Theme for Media MVP Customized by [email protected]

Build 6.00 - Released 02/21/09
Fix Menu Indexing
Changed Settings to go to configuration
Added SevenMCE Main Menu Features Added (Photo/Web Cam/Aminiated Weather Radar)
Fixed Internet and Weather Browser Clock

Build 5.25 - Released 11/26/08
Changed the Main Media Menu back to 5.00 Graphics
Add active animated clock with day of the week for internet browser (web & weather)
Fixed index spacing in 10 item listings in & out folders on all plugins

Build 5.15 - Released 11/24/08
(10) Movie Libary Items Standard Version
Added Euro Buttons Features to the Media Menu
Added Euro Button to Browse Folders in Movie, Music, Radio and Pictures
Fixed Clock position on Media Menu
Fixed Alarm / Clock text graphics on the Media Menu
Fixed Margins on Music, Radio, and Browse Folders

Build 5.00 - Released 11/16/08
Change MediaMenu Menus to more of Larger VMCE Style
Added Alarm (Clock) to the MediaMenu
Movie Library gets Poster artwork with listing by show folder thumbnails
Text in Movie Library will work with new larger Poster Artwork
Change fonts to work with Movie Posters new sizing

Build 4.25 - Released 11/07/08
Music Library and Radio gets larger listing artwork
Changed Picture Library Slideshow background to black
Clean Folders updated in the User folder now remove more junk files
Help on Theme file is now included

Build 4.20 - Released 10/18/08
cleaned up coding to provide a faster access to thumbnail video images
Changed all skins visuals (color text, backgrounds an other objects)
Added Updated Buttons controls to the media menu
Re-worked Thumbnails for Movie and Picture Library
Added Folder JPEG feature to Movie and Picture Library, Scheduler and Folders
Added Large Digital Clock Plug-in press (Red button on media menu)
Fixed Resume/Restart bug for 18 thumbnails Movie Library
Added Video Poster Artwork to the 18 thumbnail Movie Library
Fixed Text length increased OSD on TV Side
Changed the OSD Display for TV

Build 4.05 - Released 9/21/08
Added navigation preview text on media menu
Fixed movie, music library and radio poster cover art 40% in size
Fixed media menu navigation left to right
Fixed play list feature on media menu

Build 4.00 - Major Release 9/14/08
Added Folder.jpg Poster feature to Movie, Music Libraries and Radio
Added Folder.jpg Thumbnail feature to Music Library and Radio
Added Vista MCE Style Buttons on Media Menu
Added Vista MCE Style Graphics and fonts
Added 18 Picture thumbnails to Picture Library instead of 15 prior
Added 18 Video thumbnails to Movie Library Mode for videos
Added Index navigation buttons to show how to change pages
Added Red, Yellow, Blue, Green buttons to use certain hidden features
Added Quick return to Media Menu using Blue Button
Added Blue button to Movie, Music, Picture Library, Radio, Folders browsing
Added Yellow button to Configuration
Added Yellow Button to Weather and Web Browser
Added Back/Exit to configuration
Added Yellow button to Pictures to start the slideshow
Added Yellow button to Media Menu to jump to help
Added Green button to Media Menu to jump to settings
Added Red button to Media Menu to jump to timer series
Added Blue button to Media Menu to start music playlist MOST 25 played
Added new OSD graphic display
Added Graphics to Music Popup ID MP3 Tag
Changed navigation direction up and down to end with Picture Library
Changed clock position on the media menu
Changed Help display features, gives you more infomation
Renamed Video Library to Movie Library
Renamed Photo Library to Picture Library
Renamed Online Radio to Radio
Renamed Scheduler to TV Series
Renamed Internet to Web Browser
Renamed Setup to Settings
Rename add/remove to add folders and remove folder under folders
Removed volume graphics display
Removed Help off the main naviagation found in settings now
Fixed OSD timeline and volume to positions under OSD
Fixed Picture Library Slideshow background
Fixed Folders (browsing add folders/remove folders)
Fixed Timer Series Back/Exit which exits to Media Menu
Fixed Playlist feature on the Media Menu for most 25 songs played

Build 3.35 - 9/02/08
Added quick jump to on main menu (feature is hidden *see below)
Fixed color of text items shown on the Aqua background to white text
Fixed issue with item selection in Video Library
Fixed issue in indexing paging on all skins including Photo Library
Fixed an align of 15 thumbnails in Photo Library

*Quick Jump to
On the Main menu you have Video, Music, Radio, Internet, Weather
If you press the left arrow the secondary menu system will appear
with Setup.

Build 3.30 - Change OSD graphics 8/3/08
Build 3.25 - Fixed OSD plus the file was missing in the original releases n
Build 3.20 - Released Aqua Core 3.20 07/21/08
Build 3.15 - Updated Core for Blue ORG /07/20/08
Build 2.10 - New Code and Orginal Vista MCE Blue Skin for Media MVP
Build 2.00 - Major Update see 2.0 Release.txt 07/15/08
Build 1.05 - Refresh Graphics, Change Over a few stuff also 07/11/08
Build 1.00 - released on 07/11/08
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Old 03-18-2009, 07:32 PM   #52  
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Thumbs up New! Media Changer 2009

Media Changer 2009 Web Tool for Media MVP SevenMCE Build 800 Customized by [email protected]

Download here:

Build 1.00 - Released 03/18/09
Changes Build 800 SevenMCE default Theme
Includes 17 Backgrounds
Includes 14 Animated Orbs
Includes 11 Logos
Includes 2 Popup Menus
Includes Media On/Off
Includes Media Logo On/Off
Includes Object Image Emulator Display Status

New! Wet Look!

New! 3D Look!

Build 800 or greater SevenMCE Only!
IE6, IE7, IE8
Firefox users must download the add-on: OpenDownload prior to using this tool as without it you won't be able to use the included media.

Last edited by tipstir; 03-18-2009 at 07:39 PM..
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Old 03-19-2009, 02:13 AM   #53  
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Question I was asked what does Media Changer do?

Web Tool for MediaMVP, to use with my SevenMCE Build 800 or higher themes. It allows you to customized over 48+ objects on the theme. So in other words you can make whatever you want to be displayed on the MediaMVP. You can make your own stuff as well. When you install this it feature it will also launch into your browser. There is plenty of information about what it does in Help on Media Changer. Again for those who use Firefox you need to download an add-on called OpenDownload, otherwise you won't be able to customized your MediaMVP. Those who use IE6, IE7 and IE8 are okay.

It's supports all PVR software the next build will support more features. Like Pre-Define Custom Themes based on PVR Software to use on Media MVP. Even though a lot of them don't support the MVP this will make is so, graphic wise, but you can do it yourself manually using this Web Tool!

Desktop Shortcut for Media Changer 2009
Download here: (note installer will it install shortcut on your desktop)

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Old 03-19-2009, 03:23 PM   #54  
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Talking Fish tank on your HDTV

Next build going to have this.. animated bubbles to the left of your screen with animated extra Fish where the logo would go to the right.
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Old 03-20-2009, 07:01 PM   #55  
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Exclamation Released a lite version same as the above..

Note: The lite version is the same as the above post the only difference is I had remove all it one small web samples files thus reducing the 13.50MB to 4.73MB.

Download the Lite version here
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