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How to decrypt Comcast Signals

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What is HD?

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The FCC issued a requirement that a 1394 interface be included in all satellite and cable STBs when requested by the customer. The deadline for this was April 1, 2004. Most companies made a halfhearted attempt at complying. Some of these 1394 ports talk only with certain devices, such as D-VHS recorders. DirecTV has totally refused to comply and has stated publicly that it never will. The FCC is an enormously powerful agency, but they often look for compromise. How this contest of wills will end is presently unclear.

See here. http://www./avs-vb/showthread.php?t=649140

I currently use a ( Comcast )Motorola 6412 HD and use the firewire ports to copy recorded content over to my DVHS Recorder (Tape). The firewire ports have been enabled on my unit since day one. Since the recorder I use is 5C encryption compliant, I can copy both non-encrypted and encrypted content. However once on tape it cannot be copied without encryption anywhere else.


Originally Posted by kegobeer
What law would that be? I don't think there's any federal law that tells a cable company they must enable ports on boxes they own.

As for a link to video capture devices:

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to How to decrypt Comcast Signals
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