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hd throu pc - can u help?

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Old 11-08-2004, 08:23 AM   #1  
What is HD?
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Default hd throu pc - can u help?

I just got my 1st plasma screen, it is hd compatible, but here, we have no hd tv, nor hd vcr's or hd dvd, can i play hd clips that i have on my pc in my plasma screen? i've seen it done in shows, what player do i need for the pc? is there any source of good hd video clips?....thank you for helping, please feel free to use my email...
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you can try the FusionHDTV demo. it is a free download from Hauppauge (i think). they also have some clips you can download to see how it works. unfortunately it sounds like you have a lack of HD content, and that is hard to overcome. if you had a friend in an area with HD available you could have him record content using a program such as Fusion and then you could download the files, but they are large (around 10GB per hour). alternatively i have read about a number of people who are impressed with using their PC and Powerstrip to get 720P or 1080i outputs of dvd's from the PC. it is complicated, and i should let you look into it before i explained any further. also, ther are some title out on windows media format that you can purhase in HD. these would probably be easy to play on your plasma if you have a video card that can output the proper format (either 480p or 720p). good luck!
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You should review this thread: Connecting DVI to HDTV

This thread discusses the issue of connecting a computer to an HDTV via DVI. Component connections will share many of the same issues. It also has links for the utilities like powerstrip.

Now since you have a plasma, if you can use a VGA connection and your video card will match up with the resolution of your plasma (or the resolution your plasma lists for XVGA, probably 1024x768) then you should use that connection as it will probably eliminate a lot of problems for you.

WM9 will work just fine for a player.
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