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No compressed audio with receiver

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Default No compressed audio with receiver


This has been discussed before but now I'm certain what the issue is.

Setup is Intel Sandybridge -> Yamaha V471 -> Sony TV (all HDMI)

The problem is that when I check the PC Control panel -> Audio the audio device shown is the TV, not the receiver. Thus no compressed audio formats are available even though my audio is setup to play through the receiver (non-compressed works on receiver). On my previous TV I was able to get compressed audio on my receiver by disabling the TV speakers on my TV menu. My current TV, even though it's the same brand just has a selector of receiver audio vs. TV speaker which apparently does not really "disable" the TV speakers.

To prove this I performed the following experiment - Turned off all equipment. Turned on receiver. Booted computer. Turned on TV. I then saw the audio device was the Yamaha receiver and compressed format was available. This is not really preactical for daily use.

Obviously the computer HDMI is seeing the TV as the audio device instead of the receiver. I don't expect there is a solution but it's a shame as TrueHD and DTSHD are impressive.

It must be a limitation of the PC because I assume if you replaced the computer with a BluRay player it would have to make the same determination, i.e. if audio device is TV vs. receiver.

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I am not really sure what you mean or are trying to do but I am fairly certain you have mixed up some terminology making your post nonsensical.

I will try to help though
what do YOU mean when you say compressed audio?
If connected properly you should not be in your tv menu to decide what type of audio your receiver is playing.

What is it exactly that you are trying to do?

The order you turn stuff on can and does make a difference with SOME equipment.
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