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XBMC and Denon recievers

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Default XBMC and Denon recievers

So I have been using XBMC (now KODI) for years and have had very few issues with it. Upgrading my setup and will likely be running my media center through the DENON 4520CI AVR. Just wanted to throw this out and see if anyone is running a similar setup or if they have heard of any issues with XBMX and Denon receivers. Will be running in 7.1 surround

My media center is running a Radeon HD 6770, AMD Phenom X6 1050T, and 6 gigs of DDR3 ram. I am running XBMC on windows 7 since I am fairly illiterate on linux.

Have used blueray software with that setup before but Im thinking ill be using my XBONE to play blurays since that is quite a capable setup
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For me it is more an issue with the PC OS + TV over HDMI, not the app.

I have posted here about the issues but it's safe to say that Denon/Onkyo are the most reliable. If your TV has an option to disable TV speakers that seems to help.

I had a Yamaha RX in combination with a TV that did not really have a TV speaker disable that made MC crash about 25% of the time on startup.

Occasionally my Denon gets stuck in stereo mode probably because the PC is seeing the TV as the audio device.
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