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WiFi Extender issue

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Old 07-28-2012, 01:03 PM   #1  
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Default WiFi Extender issue

I've just got to tell you about a recent tech support call to Netgear.'

I bought an extender about a month ago and couldn't get anything to connect, after spending an hour with tech support they want to charge for advanced tech support. At this point it's only 2 days after purchase.

Fast forward to now, i brought the unit back after 2 more calls yielded no results. Now it gets weird, hopefully a tech guy can put my mind at ease:

With the new unit not able to connect either I get stepped up to advanced tech support, the guy remotely accesses my comp after an hour of changing things that didn't work, and runs a program to check my comp. he said it's got issues, something like 5xx mb of junk files (he said most comps are 10-15), over 200 registry errors, and out of date anti virus. He stated he would fix all this as well as the advanced tech support i need but i have to pay for advanced tech support. Mind you, my computer is less than a year old, runs superfast and is a very stable computer, absolutely no problems, so i'm starting to think they are just BS ing me.

I'm arguing with this guy that i'll just take it back and get a linksys, but he's still throwing out the hard sell, I'm digusted at this point. Then he tells me he'll get my laptops on the unit but if I want the ipods, iphone and ipad, i have to pay for advanced tech support. So knowing that if i get the laptops on everything will work, I said ok just figure it out. So finally he figures it out, How? i have no clue but it works and i hang up.

I ran a ccleaner after this and there were no issues, maybe just a few things tended to, ran adaware and nothing came up and my computer is running like a champ. Does anyone think there is any validity to what this guy was saying? or was it just a hard sell?

Has anyone experienced this before?

sorry about the long story, but it goes on even longer.
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I rarely talk to any tech support and usually regret it anyway. What he was going on is the average user never cleans up their systems and the temp files and broken registry links do eventually add up and can clog up a machine. Actually not as much of a problem now as when hard drives were smaller. I've tuned up systems for friends that had hundreds of thousands of temp files (mostly internet) on their system.

As to the push to upsell, that tells you as much about the economy as anything. Everyone is trying to get into your pockets.
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