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AMD vs Intel

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This is the chip I would go with.


And I wouldn't worry about the on chip graphics. They simply aren't good enough for anything more than media serving in my opinion. I personally have a GTX680 but that's PROBABLY overkill. A GTX 670 or 560ti or the soon to be released 660ti would probably be perfect for your needs.
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Originally Posted by CommTech3906 View Post

So it has been at least 3-4 years since I have done a rebuild on my system. At least half of my current parts are no longer available lol. For the previous years before THAT, I was die hard AMD. My current build was with assistance from a knowledgeable friend and was my first Intel, and have been very happy with it.

I am currently eyeballing a new rebuild so that I can use my current setup for media. Since it's been a few years, what's the word on the street in the fight between AMD and Intel these days? I realize this is an open ended question as opinions will vary based on personal experience and bias towards each MFR. I don't need a super computer capable of landing on the moon, but I would like it to run current plus future games. At the moment, the most resource intensive game I have and play is Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which runs great on medium-high settings of different features, but I am really eager to start running ANYTHING on Ultra if I can. Seems as though the resource need from game to game over the years has leveled out tremendously since the Crysis 'crisis' lol.

The only part that I think I've settled on is this video card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130625 . Have read great reviews about it and the budget is right. My current card is EVGA as well and have been completely satisfied with it. Im not one for manually OC anything either.

I dont really have a 'budget' persay because I plan on purchasing one part at a time and paying in installments, hopefully purchasing all parts within a year's time, avoiding anything going obsolete and not compatible before I even build the damn thing lol I am open to some different build lists. I primarily shop at NewEgg, but if someone has a better site, I'd love to hear about it. I plan on using my existing case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811144095 as it should be able to fit any ATX board.
Seems the gaming subforum has emerged from their cave to help you a bit

My advice: Don't get the 550ti, it's pretty much a waste of money. Go up a little bit in price you can get a better card (at least to a gtx560 or 560ti or a 6870)

Originally Posted by CommTech3906 View Post
THANK YOU. This was ultimately the answer I was looking for lol (thanks to all the other input as well from others ).

I did poke around Newegg at some of the I5's. This is new to me: integrated Intel HD Graphics....in a processor? How does this interface with your display hardware (monitor, mobo)? Is this something that works WITH your graphics card or does this count AS your 'display adapter'? I am not a big fan of integrated graphics for a few reasons, especially because more and more games are becoming incompatible or unstable with integrated graphics. Is this Intel HD something that can be disabled? It seems as though almost all of the I-Cores have this Intel HD
The iGPU integrated in Intels new chips is decent enough for desktop graphics, but really not good enough for games. If you're planning on no gaming then just keep in mind the it will allocate some system memory for graphics.

Personally if you're going to go with a no-discrete graphics card solution I'd go with Amd's APU's (unless you really need some processing power...)
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