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Computers/HTPCs A place to discuss your computer setups, PC requirements, ATI Wonder Card, etc.

Need help on building a HTPC

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Old 06-22-2011, 09:54 AM   #16  
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Originally Posted by lsilvest View Post
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, I'd really recommend going to the 5450 which is a much better, more stable card. I just got a silent MSI 5450 card for $39.99 at MicroCenter with a $20.00 rebate. I also have an HIS 5450 in another HTPC and both have been very good. I tried a 4350 and 4550 prior and they both at problems with stability and I've since seen other complaints about that series.
OK, thanks for the heads up...
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You know if time is not critical, you might wait for AMD's Llano processors to hit machines. It's an APU (combined CPU and GPU) on one chip. Early results make it far more capable that originally thought. Apparently it can even play games like Crysis, though I'm not sure how well. They are super low power and some reviews are calling them a game changer for the HTPC and netbook market. Not sure when they hit though.
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Gotta put me in here. Mob's suggestion about AMD vid cards be spot on. Running two machines, both have the 4650 one gig cards, and they both have run flawlessly. Me one machine does heavy video editing (HD), using Premiere pro, photoshop, After Effects, Encore, etc. and the vid card always pulls through. The lass has the same vid card and she be a gamer - never has she complained about frame rate, slow downs, etc. On top of that, both of our set ups run dual 21" monitors glitch free. Years ago,,,,had an Nvidia card. Glad me got rid of it.
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