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Advice on NAS to stream to HTPC

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Old 05-15-2011, 12:03 AM   #1  
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Default Advice on NAS to stream to HTPC

I am planning to setup a NAS that will mostly be used for streaming HD Video within our network over wired gigabit (all cat6) mainly to a HTPC and other computers. Based on the amount of files I will need to store, I will need 3TB of storage.

I was looking on newegg for NAS devices, the synology's have great reviews, and it seems the 211J, and 411J are the 2bay and 4bay devices that are in the consumer price range I would be looking for. I really like the look of this one:


Since I need 3TB of space, my plan was to get 2x3TB drives and put them in this DS211J in Raid 1. (Was thinking of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822145472 )

There are potential compatibility issues using a 3TB with these devices, and I am trying to see if they will work, I see that you need to format the drives with GPT partitions.

I am also wondering if it would be better to setup versus 3x2TB in Raid 5, instead of 2x3TB in Raid 1, and if 5400 or 7200rpm drives would make the most sense in a NAS that is mostly streaming HD video. We don't really care if it is slow to write or directly copy the whole video file off the NAS, just that the average 10GB 1080p .mkv file can be streamed fine over gigabit, but i'm not sure how the rpm effects the streaming of video files. Looking for any ideas on what a good NAS would be for this, and how make a setup work that would store 3TB of files in Raid1 or Raid5
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I stream HD video between a couple of HTPCs with Gigabit ethernet and it's very smooth - all drives are internal in the systems and are 7200. The files are OTA HD recordings and average 6-8GB with larger ones for movies or concerts. I tried it first with wireless N but that' didn't quite cut it.

If you are using mostly these large files I recommend formatting your drives with 64K clusters. Also, I'm not big on Hitachi drives. I'd stick with WD or Seagate.
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