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Rocket Dragster Racing-Tiny Info

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Default Rocket Dragster Racing-Tiny Info

Rocket Dragster racing is a form of Drag Racing usually using High test peroxide rocket engines.Kitty O'Neil in 1977 recorded the quickest quarter mile elapsed time of 3.22 seconds at 396 MPH and made a quarter mile run with a top speed of 412 MPH. This is in excess of the performance of more familiar Piston Engined dragsters. A different type of rocket propulsion uses hybrid rockets using Nitrous Oxide as the oxidant such as the British Rocket Dragster, 'laffin-gas'. However, there are significant safety concerns regarding this method after several explosions at Santa Pod Raceway, one of which propelled an engine component into a public viewing area at high velocity. Rocket dragsters are banned in most events for safety reasons, mostly due to their very high performance. However, they continue to run at several European venues.

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Interesting, but this is impressive, considering it was over 55 years ago!


In November 1953 the Sonic Wind was tested with Sierra Sam, a second-generation crash test dummy. A few months later in January 1954 the first live subject run was made with a chimpanzee. Everything seemed to work well. On March 19, Lt. Colonel Stapp (he had been promoted again) made his first trip down the track. "I assure you," he said to a reporter as he boarded the sled, "I'm not looking forward to this." Burning six rockets, the Sonic Wind reached a speed of 421 miles per hour in five seconds, and was still traveling at 313 miles an hour when it hit the water brake. In the span of 200 feet, the Wind slowed from that speed to 153 mph, producing up to 22 Gs of force. For a brief instant Stapp's body weighed more than 3,700 pounds. More impressively, for 0.6 seconds, Stapp endured 15 Gs of punishment. That was a duration nearly twice as long as any ever produced at Edwards. "I feel fine," the Lt. Colonel said after the run. "This sled is going to be a wonderful test instrument. I'm ready to do it again this afternoon."
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