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Car audio questions, speakers, decks, Hi's amp

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Default Car audio questions, speakers, decks, Hi's amp

I have a 95 Mustang GT and in the doors came 6x8's in the front door i think but i since i had the car and put aftermarket speakers in i always put 5 1/4's in as recommended by a few diff places at the time. Just wanted to know what you guys mainly with 94-98 body styles have in yall's doors and if yall made a homemade baffle or what or bought a baffle plate or what? I since having the 5 1/4's they always needed a baffle in there. With the first set i put in there, they used a foam-like baffle but didnt seem like it was a perfect scenario to get the best sound. I wana not put awhole lot of money in my system but i do wana put enuff in it to where its gona last a long time and im gona be greatly satisfied with the way it performs.

I currently have a jvc head unit, (an older unit thats probably been in there bout 4 yrs and mite be a total of 6 yrs old), a cadence pre-amp eq that at the time i bought it was pretty top notch and cost a good bit and had good ratings, an Orion 225 HCCA amp pushing 400 watts mono at 1/2 ohm to 2 pioneer subs. I just blew the highs amp which was a Rockwood and had 2 5 1/4 polk audios on them. I now need a highs amp and 2 seperate tweeters for the corner front door pillars as i have blown those tweeters in there as well i think, or at least one. I would just like to know you guys take on somethings i mite wana consider with this system in the listing of the items i need. I for sure know i want a deck that has mp3 capabilities as im sure todays ones pretty much come standard with even the lower end decks and such.
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You can use this for MP3/SD/USB it has 205 FM channels you can tune into. I use it in my 99 Intrepid ES 3.2L (autostick) with 240watt Infinity System with Power Sub and 9 speakers in 11 locations.

Here's a youtube video I made with how it sounds in my car on 87.9 FM/ST note this was recorded with 3200Hz with the engine on

I've tested 1GB and 2GB SD plus 2GB USB Jump drive.. So far so good.. Cost of this is only $11 on Amazon or $19 on Geeks (but they keep on changing the prices on it)
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the same speaker sizes are also on the 2005+ mustangs...5x7 or 6x8's but I know that you can use 5.25" components in place of the 5x7/6x8 speakers.

Those baffles aren't really good choices for bass response although they're mostly designed to shield the speakers from rain.

Still, I'd consider an aftermarket head unit that has an aux port or usb input as those fm transmitter/receivers don't always have a good clean sound. I've tried the ones that had the entire spectrum and even them, the sound was very staticky...
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