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Shaw HD PVR issues

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Old 01-03-2008, 01:30 PM   #1
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Default Shaw HD PVR issues

I was wondering if anyone else has the motorola HD PVR from Shaw cable and has the following trouble:
I notice that intermittantly the sound and picture are not in sync.
The timing isn't horribly off, but it is annoying when someone speaks and the sound doesn't match the mouth movement.

Also, I noticed that on certain HD scenes, when the scene changes quickly (not just fast motion), and the new scene has camera movement, I get these "lines" and "blur" in the picture. At first I thought this might be the "motion blur" I've heard about with LCD tv's., but then I tried pausing the action (pvr feature) at one of these points, and the crappy looking picture is there, in pause.
This never happens when I play a DVD.
Any suggestions?
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Old 01-07-2008, 02:35 PM   #2
What is HD?

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I just got my Shaw PVR this Xmas and notice the same thing when a fast movement occurs on the screen (usually only noticeable when watching sporting events when the action is from a close up view point). Picture is kind of "pixelly" if the action is continuous or it takes a moment to get rid of the pixels after the close up. What's up with that?
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Old 03-16-2008, 02:17 AM   #3
What is HD?

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Default Motorola PVR issues

The "Out of Sync" problem with the Motorola HD PVRs is known to Shaw and Motorola when I looked into this. Shaw recommended that I completely reset my HD PVR (there's a special way of doing this, see below) and the problem dissapeared. I guess they wanted me to erase the firmware programming so that it could download the upgrade to fix this problem. To reset your HD box to fully erase the firmware: 1. unplug the HD box (best to do it by removing the power cord at the back of the box), then 2. simultaneously press the power and select buttons on the front of the box. 3. Now plug the power back in and look the the front display, it should flash all 8s. Let it flash for about 5 seconds making sure the Power and Select keys are still being pressed simoultaneously. 4. Release the Power and Select buttons and you should see the letters "DL" appear on the front display. This means that your HD box is DownLoading the latest firmware from Shaw.

The poor picture quality when objects are moving fast accross the screen could have more to do with the 1080i resolution setting on the HD box. The refresh rates at that setting is slower than 1080p or 720p ( i = interlaced meaning that the TV scans the screen twice as it forms a picture. p = progressive meaning the TV scans the screen only once so its refresh rates a twice as fast the interlaced setting). Its too bad but the Motorolas don't have a 1080p setting yet. When I set the resolution to 720p things improved as far as blurring went.

You can get to the resolution settings on your box by first turning the HD box off then pressing the menu button on the front panel of the your HD box. You should see a black and white menu on your screen. You should see the resolution setting near the top of that menu (it's 1080i by default) and you'll need to use your cursor keys ( the ones with arrows pointing up, down, left and right) to first select the menu item and then select the resolution you want (I suggest trying 720p). Get out of the menu by pressing the power key again and one more time to turn on the box.

Hope this helps.
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Old 03-18-2012, 03:43 PM   #4
What is HD?

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Okay, so I have this issue...I have a Shaw HD PVR (the grey Motorola kind). I've had it for 3 years. Rescently, I've been having "blurs" and "lines" on three channels. KCPQ-28, ABCWD-200 and CBS-206. I've replaced the coaxial cable wire with a new one and the problem is still there. I've noticed that when I check out these three channels at night time, the "blurs" and "lines" calms down. It's not as bad as it is compared to daytime. I've even unplugged and reset my PVR and no help either. Is it the box that's an issue? or am I just getting bad signals from these channels? Can anyone explain?????
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