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xbox 360 on samsung 5076

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Old 12-05-2007, 03:00 AM   #1  
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Default xbox 360 on samsung 5076

heylo, i have a samsung hl-t5076s and an older 360 with component out. I was wondering what most of you suggest using, component or vga out. Because i have the add on hd-dvd player and i want the best quality i can get without having to buy a new system.
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IMO, don't bother with VGA, component will look fine.
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The quality difference between the 2 can vary quite a bit depending on the TV. Some people think the PQ is better with component, some say VGA is better, and some can't tell the difference at all. So basically, you will have to see for yourself. With my TV, the difference between the 2 is slight, but I do like VGA a little better over component. And VGA allows you to UC SD DVD's since you have the HD DVD AO and play them at 1080p (if your VGA input supports 1080p).

You can get the 360 VGA cable for around only $20 or so at Walmart. See for yourself and can always take it back. Here is 1 that also includes the optical cable for $20..

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I agree component will look good with you XBOX, thats how I have mine set up
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