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SD Cable and OTA HD... HELP!

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Default SD Cable and OTA HD... HELP!

I am Currently hooking up my new television which has an ATSC tuner built in. I also would like to hook up my Standard Cable into the same antenna/cable tuner. Is this possible? One thing than make me think this is possible is when I attempted to connect my antenna after I had added my cable channels and disconnected the cable coax, the cable channels where still there on the TV (snowy). I believe that if I merged the incoming signal it would provide a good SD and HD OTA combination. I may be off my rocker, but please take it easy on me if in fact I am out in left field.
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Frequency assignments for cable and Over The Air (OTA) are different and overlapping. Attempting to combine them may prevent you from receiving either and disrupt BOTH cable and OTA reception in your neighborhood.

Check the connections on your TV or the owners manual for separate ATSC connections for over the air and QAM connections for unencrypted cable. If you don't have separate ATSC and QAM connections on your TV you will need an RF switch box OR use a non-RF connection between a rented converter and the TV. IF you have a high definition TV the non-RF connection should be a component connection or HDMI cable HDMI might not be supported by SOME local cable systems)
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