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Best long length coaxial ??

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Old 11-30-2017, 01:10 PM   #1  
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Default Best long length coaxial ??

Hi All-

Not sure where to ask about this, if it's the correct forum to begin with, but it is a cable question.

I live on the west slope of the Swan Range in NW Montana and had HughesNet (only provider to my location) install a dish to bring in my internet connection, (they only provide internet). We have the BEST they offer, 50GB unlimited, 25Mbps download speed. After your 50 GB are used you have unlimited access at 1-3 Mbps.

So, the dish was located as close as possible to the house that provided access to the satellite, thats ~95 feet. Therefore, we have < 100 feet of coaxial from the dish to the router in the house, and we use wireless capability to the router to connect out desktop iMac and Macbook.

This is the string of info that was stamped on the cable used for the connection: Laser LSC 741, RG6 18 AWG BC, 60% AL Braid swept to 3GHz, U/V 0979 Feet 16/08 CAT VX/CL2X 18 AWG 75C (UL) CMX E233577 (UL). Long enough??

The problem with this system is the "slowness" of using the internet, most video simply can't be watched or you would go crazy. The Macs continue to show the "wheel of death" (rotating colored round pinwheel) every time you click to open a page or try to scroll down a page etc. etc. This is not a problem with the Macs, they were very fast at previous location.

So, I believe like most electronics, that the longer the cable the poorer the signal. But, better cables can combat that length. When I get things organized better (just moved into this house) I will change from WiFi to Ethernet within the house.

Are there any better "faster" cables (coaxial) I can replace HughesNet's dish to router coaxial ??

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Well you can try RG-11, but thats hard to handle and the connectors are hard to find.(costly too)

But what you have for 100 feet on that run from the dish is fine.

Have you tried a direct connection to one of the router's LAN ports via a CAT 5/6 cable to the Mac's LAN port??

It could be something like a cordless phone interfering with the WIFI.

Try a speed test with www.speedtest.net and see what your real connection speed is.
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