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Need help with signal amplifiers for a 200ft run

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Old 07-11-2017, 10:06 PM   #1  
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Exclamation Need help with signal amplifiers for a 200ft run

I'm trying to boost signal from cable tv. I'm running 150 ft of RG11 cable (connected to an outdoor cable jack on the back porch) underground from my house to another building on my property. I used a cable extension to connect the RG11 to an RG6 50 ft cable in the other building. The RG6 cable is connected to the cable box and the cable box is connected to the tv with an hdmi cord. With the RG6 cable connected to the cable box, when I turn the cable box on, it searches for data for about 5-15 minutes and then says TV OFF AIR and it won't do anything. Without the cable box, I connect the rg6 cable into the tv and I get all basic cable channels and only a few are snowy or distorted. I'm trying to figure out what kind of signal amplifier to get to boost enough signal to my cable box and where to connect it at on the run. Would I connect it from the outside jack on my house or would I connect it where the cable comes in at the building I'm running it to?
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Does the cable box work when connected to the source end of the RG11 cable? If so, then we would know that there is nothing wrong with the cable box. If you haven't tried the cable box at the source, I would try that just to be sure.

If it is a signal loss problem, you need an amplifier that is intended for use with cable signals (bi-directional) like this one:

That amp is low noise and at 15db gain will more than make up for the loss in a 200 foot run of RG11 plus 50 foot RG6 cables.
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If your signals are good at the house jack (the source as Rbinck mentioned) then a run of 150 feet using RG-11 would not make it drop to below the bottom threshold of the TV out in the other building.

Get an ohm meter and check for two things, one is continuity, (short the far end together with a small jumper clip) the other is for a short somewhere, (center to the outside shield) who did the connectors?

If you do need to use the amp Rbinck mentioned (its a good one) then use it at the start of the run, it's better to boost a good signal then one that may be too weak at the far end.

Mid-band signal loss on RG-11 is about 3.5 dB at 100 feet, RG-6 is about 4.3 dB per 100 foot, so your main signal at the house may be too low, you would need a CATV signal meter to check this correctly.
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