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No picture or sound

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Old 12-20-2007, 07:38 AM   #1  
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Default No picture or sound

Hi, just purchased my first HD TV system and I'm hoping someone here can help me with an issue I'm having.

Have a Samsung 40" LCD 1080p (model 4071), and the Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player and Samsung surround A/V Receiver. I set everything up and can watch DVDs no problem. Yesterday I went and upgraded my digital cable DVR box to an HD DVR box (Brighthouse is my cable provider), and connected it the way I was told it "should" be connected... but I can't get any picture or sound.

So this is how I have it connected (I'll work backwards from the TV) - One HDMI cable from TV (HDMI-1) to the Samsung A/V Receiver (HDMI-Out). I know this connection is good because I can watch DVDs no problem. Coming into the Receiver I have 2 HDMI cables, the first from the DVD player into HDMI-1 Input (good - like I said), and then the second comes from the HD DVR box (connected to the HDMI Output) into the HDMI-2 Input. I've verified that this last cable is good by swapping with the DVD cable. The box (made by Scientific Atlanta - though I'm not sure what model) appears to working fine... I've had Brighthouse reset it a couple of times - And they walked me through the unpluging/pluging the TV and DVR handshake thing. I've tried to connect directly from the DVR box straight to the TV's HDMI-1 Input. The only kind of message I see on the TV says that it is searching for a signal or that the signal is weak (it says this on all the inputs).

So there it is - Any tips? I'm new to HD, but I'm not a complete novice. I'm pretty tech savvy, and normally something like this wouldn't hinder me. But I'm not sure what the real issue is here. Do I need a signal amplifier in line after the DVR box? Before the box maybe? (Didn't need one before when I was watching standard digital cable on the same line) Do I just have a bad DVR box?

The only thing I haven't tried is running component cables from the box to either the Receiver or the TV. Kind of defeats the purpose...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: So read somewhere else that maybe I should set up using component cables and then use the "Setup Wizard" on the DVR to make sure the right signal is going out to the TV. Does this sound right? Shouldn't I still be getting some kind of signal regardless?

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Me would give the component cables a try - but before you do that swap out HDMI1 with HDMI2 - in other words, see if you get a pic from the cable box on HDMI1. If you do get a pic - it has to be your receiver, no picture, then it might be the cable box. But before you call the cable co, me would try component cables, they be every bit as good as HDMI.
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If the dvd player works over hdmi, then you may need to make them swap out the box. the hdmi may be disabled. My sa8300hd switches automatically to hdmi when i plug in the cable, then I have to set the audio to hdmi in the settings.
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