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bill is getting out of hand

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Old 08-01-2016, 08:38 PM   #31  
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Originally Posted by BSchwen View Post
I've been wanting to contact Comcast to upgrade to X1, but am afraid my bill will go even higher. I have you all beat (which means I get idiot award lol). Last month's bill was $301 with only 1 movie rental!! That includes 1 HD DVR, 1 HD box, and 2 regular boxes, plus phone/internet modem. We get 200+ channels, which is way more than anyone needs, HBO & Starz, and high speed internet. About $20 of that is for home phone, which we're ready to dump. Irritates me to see all the deals.. for NEW customers only!! I've been with Comcast for 18 years, mainly because I refuse to give up my high speed internet. Considering keeping internet, dump home phone, and dump cable. We need a new TV, and if we get a Smart TV, we can get Netflix (so far, not impressed), and Hulu thru TV. Now I have to go thru Blu-ray for Netflix, and either Xbox or Wii for Hulu. Anyone have luck with threatening to leave to get a deal? Suggestions welcomed!
Drop one of your services for a short time. Works with Charter Spectrum and my bill with middle channel lineup is 136 with all three services and 2 hd boxes. I generally drop TV for couple of months then get bill back to where it is now. To stop the install charges I pick up boxes from there office.
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Old 08-05-2016, 08:05 AM   #32  
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Originally Posted by Chaz7R View Post
Im in michigan and have WOW cable. I just upgraded to the hd box, my package includes High speed internet, 2 hd boxes, only 22 hd channels, hbo and stars packages and my bill is now over $150 a month does anyone around have a better price for cable. I would only switch to satelite if it was wayyyy cheaper (bad experiences in the past)
Similar here (Manhattan.) My Verizon FIOS triple play with 25 Mbps internet, phone, Showtime, HBO, one DVR and one HD box runs me $153. I get WAY more HD channels than 22 (closer to 100.)

But I agree $150+ is too much to pay. I get excellent OTA reception so I am weighing my options if the money begins to pinch.

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Old 04-19-2017, 10:26 PM   #33  

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The past three years I was paying $123 for a triple play bundle with Standard 15/1 internet, Preferred TV package and Nationwide phone with Time Warner Cable. They were generous by re-upping my yearly promo plans for the same price every year when I called back to re-negotiate with them. A rather painless affair really.

When Spectrum took over, the best they could do under the new company was $156 for the same plan that I had with TWC. But I guess Charter has to find some way to pay off that new acquisition debt, right?
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Old 03-04-2018, 06:07 PM   #34  
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I pay $190/mo including all taxes for 3 DVRS, Internet with 45Mbps and House Phone. 2 year contract stated on our paper billing.
We have the U-Verse 450 pkg. We also have Roku access on 2 TV's

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Old 09-28-2018, 07:21 AM   #35  
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Originally Posted by davidmarchal View Post
Thats my big problem.
You might need some negotiating skills and talk to the right person or dept. Mine has only gone up $20.00 in 5+ years.

Before that, I forgot $$ with ATT Uverse. $169.00 incl tax, rings a bell, prior to 5 years ago, for everything you can have.

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to bill is getting out of hand
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