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teetertotter 02-19-2017 08:42 AM

Switching Cable/TV Providers - Negotiating
We have had ATT U-verse U450 with 45Mbps internet and phone for 6 years, with 3 DVRs. My current years contract pricing is $186.00/mo w/o taxes.

I called Charter/Spectrum the other day and they quoted me $165.00/mo for the exact identical or Gold package. Plus, they will lock the pricing in for 3 years. I went ahead and scheduled installation for February 27th with charges waived. The Internet speed will be 60Mbps, which both laptops have wireless cards for faster speeds.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to the ATT rep in Chicago, to adjust my current verbal annual contract pricing to $160.00/mo. Also, to have them lock in the pricing for 3 years. We will see how it goes. If they come close or meet me 1/2 way, I'll stay with ATT. The three years will be the breaker, if they don't agree.

It will be a hassle to return the ATT wireless Gateway box along with the 3 wireless DVR's. A complete ATT wireless system is nice, which was converted in 2015 as an upgrade at no charge.

We had Directv for a number of years, which is now owned by ATT. No thanks to having dish living in Wisconsin......long story short. Perhaps improvements have been made??

Nexus 04-19-2017 10:09 PM

So how did this turn out for you?

teetertotter 04-20-2017 06:43 AM

Sorry, here is the update:

I called ATT U-Verse to renegotiate with the American rep and he came down to $173.00/mo w/o taxes for our total package, for two years. I went with the that and called Spectrum/Charter cable and canceled their installation. I received e-mail confirmations from both. I really like ATT with their re-installed updated all wireless equipment 2 years ago and we have not had any problems with them since February 2010. We have had some power failures over time, but the equipment is easy to restore and just have to have a little patience.

The main Gateway wireless box is in the basement, next to my TV and other equipment. We have 2 TV's upstairs in our ranch home with wireless DVR's.

You can renegotiate contract pricing with ATT U-Verse at anytime. When you do want special pricing, you have to ask for their, "Loyalty Dept," and they switch to the US to speak with an actual ATT rep. This time it was an American rep in Michigan. I did not ask what city he was in. They will do their best to keep you a happy customer....at least with us.

We have an 800+ credit rating and we are never late with our ATT bill. They did upgrades to wireless equipment at no charge in August 2014, when renegotiating contract. In July 2016, when renegotiated contract price at lower price, they upgraded the Gateway box at no charge for higher internet speed.

The area Tech Supervisor, lives 4 blocks from us and I can call him direct if I ever have a problem.

Do you think I am a happy ATT U-Verse customer, for 7+ years?

teetertotter 06-25-2018 07:13 AM

That's why I compared Spectrum cable to ATT, with the SAME package, and kept ATT, as only a $10.00 difference. Also, Spectrum cable suffers way to many outages/problems in our city, per friends.

Yes, it pays to shop every once in a while and make sure you are getting the same package or more. I use that as leverage with ATT, which we have suffered NO outages since 2006 and picture is perfect on all 3 tv's and our installation is WIRELESS.

We have PHONE, INTERNET, 3 DVRS, U-verse U450 TV premium pkg. This is more coverage than what most people subscribe to with any provider.

You say, many may not agree with my price, what coverage do they have....1 TV, 1 DVR, no internet, no phone, budget TV list? Having Spectrum, how many outages do the experience in a year? One has to look at everything and so far, with us, it has been ATT.

ATT Direct TV is out of the picture as to many atmospheric conditions that causes one to loose picture...long story short up here in Wisconsin, with Satellites stationed south of Florida.

Ashleyrosa, :hithere: I see you are affiliated with Spectrum, previously bankrupt Charter, which I would consider not technology advanced, like ATT. Am I missing something? Also, your link comes up with an error with your company/service. I was curiuos for your 1st post, where coming from. In your next post, you might want to be a little more specific. I responded for others to consider and for your information.


Originally Posted by ashleyrosa (Post 1419026)
Hi, teetertotter,

Good Luck for your next meeting with ATT rep for contract negotiation! But if you take some other ATT customers reviews, they will not agree on your price. So it may cause you to have a new provider. Spectrum is also a good alternative. But make sure to have a detailed look on their offer before signing for it.

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