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Charter Box wont work, need help!!

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What is HD?

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Default Charter Box wont work, need help!!

I have charter, I have a box that I had from last year that my friend basically gave to me. we have the full package with charter movies and everything. I tryed the one that my friend gave me and it only works with normal cable up to channel 79 but on demand doesnt work nor do any of the other channels we pay for..

I have another box now, one my roommate has that we got from charter when we ordered it. When I use that one, it says

"one moment please
This channel should be available shortly"

I left it on over night, I've tryed on demand over night but it stays the same the whole time.

I'm woundering if anyone has any answers for me.

The box info:
Mototola DCT2224

They are both the same box also.
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Saving my pennies for HD

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Most cable companies implement measures to limit subscribers to channels they in the programming tiers they are paying for. As a result many channels that aren't part of the most basic programming tier are unavailable unless the TV/monitor is connected through a converter that is associated with an active subscriber account on that cable system. There's often a monthly rental fee for each converter associated with the account.

Some capabilities exhibited by the converter may also be available with the rental of a authorization card that plugs into a slot in the TV. While the monthly fee for those cards are normally less expensive than converter rental, many TV models aren't equipped to use the cards.

Sometimes a converter that has been disconnected from its power cord or otherwise been denied power (dead outlet, power failure etc) will need a activation signal from the cable provider. The cable provider will normal provide such a signal after request over the telephone. If the relevant number isn't provided on your screen contact your provider's customer service department. Many providers provide contact information on every month's bill.

This use of scrambling (for analog channels) and encrypting (for digital channels) allows the cable company to control a subscriber's access from a telephone operator's computer terminal instead of a much more expensive procedure involving a technician visiting the exterior of the subscriber's residence (or a nearby utility pole/connection pedestal) . When visits are required to control some analog tiers the technician installs or removes filter hardware that blocks selected frequency bands from entering the residence. If these filters are in place some analog channels, digital channels, digital telephone service and cable internet service may not be available.

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