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Any advice on the new Philips 30PW9110D at Walmart?

07-10-2005, 02:24 AM
This 30" Widescreen HDTV looks pretty good for $670 + $40 3yr service plan online. It's only 34" wide so it MAY be a good alternative to the Toshibas if you're trying to fit it in a medium sized entertainment center. I think I have like 33 3/4" to work with, so unless the air intakes are on sides I may just cram it in my old entertainment center and let the particle board crap stretch a bit. I don't trust Toshiba's 30HF85, and the 30HFX84 doesn't have a tuner...

My 1yr old Panasonic CT-27HL14 just died (since when do TVs freakin' die in one year :mad: ) and I'm looking for a replacement. I'd like to stay under $1000 for a CRT. Anyway, I was curious if anyone has seen or bought this thing and how they think it compares to the 30" Widescreen HDTV competition. I'm also looking for some info on the reliability of TVs nowadays... how long should I expect a new TV to last (the biggest reason I'm looking at a Philips and not a 30XS955). If Philips is crappy then I may go for a Hitachi 51F710S OR wait for good deals to come out. Speaking of which, is there a best time of year to buy a TV anymore or is the only strategy to just keep checking weekly and be ready to buy when the time comes?? Many questions I know, but I didn't want to pollute the forum with 10 different threads. Responses to any are greatly appreciated.

http://www.consumer.philips.com/consumer/catalog/catalog.jsp?fhquery=fh_secondid%3D30pw9110d_37_us_ consumer%26fh_location%3D%2F%2Fconsumer%2Fen_US%2F categories%3Ccatalog_us_consumer%2Fcategories%3Ctv _gr_us_consumer%2Fcategories%3Cdigital_tv_ca_us_co nsumer%26&productId=30PW9110D_37_US_CONSUMER&activeCategory=TV_GR_US_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&language=en&country=US&catalogType=CONSUMER&proxybuster=3AORFYMEF3BSTJ0RMRESHP3HKFSEKI5P

08-01-2005, 08:20 PM
I just bought this TV over the weekend at my local Walmart, and so far it works great!! I went out, and bought an OTA antenna today to see what I could get locally off the air. I have directv, but no HD equipment yet, but the picutre fed into Svideo looks great, even on SD. The HD input with a progressive scan DVD gives a fantasic picture. When my daughter watched findind nemo over the weekend, it almost looked 3d. You can't go wrong with this TV.