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2 HD cable boxes in 1 house; need answers :(

07-06-2009, 06:43 PM
Our cable provider is Time Warner Cable.

My family has an HDTV in the downstairs living room with an HD cable box. This is the households main tv, and has never had any problems. There is a standard definition TV in the bedroom downstairs, and an HDTV and a SD tv in the two bedrooms upstairs. We recently leased an additional cable box for the upstairs HDTV, however, only the guide loads and all but 2 channels come in as black. With the coaxial cable plugged straight into the TV, 1-78 channels appear, but of course none of the HD or paid channels. I moved the new box downstairs on the other HDTV and everything works fine, so both boxes work. I used the box on the other SD tv upstairs and same problem, all black channels except 2. On the downstairs SD tv, there were about 30 channels that appeared, but the majority were black. Quite a few channels also say they are not available and to check back later. I cant really understand why only the one downstairs HDTV works flawlessly. I assumed it had something to do with splitters so i looked downstairs and there is a 3-way splitter, which goes: line-in from the street, one to another splitter, one to the cable modem, and one to the downstairs HDTV. The second splitter is a 4-way and it has the cables running to the upstairs and the SD downstairs. Could it be that because it has been split twice that the TV's on the second splitter are unable to receive the channels with the box? Sorry for the long post. I'm not really knowledgeable of all this, but i assumed if it received the channels fine when plugged directly into the tv that it would work being plugged into the box. Thanks in advance for any help =)

07-06-2009, 09:34 PM
A quick glance reveals that there could be signal leakage, believe it or not, If a connection is loose to any degree then there will be leakage. Try checking all the connections and see if this helps or it could be jsut not enough signal. Again, this is a quick glance of "the maybes"

Lee Stewart
07-07-2009, 02:41 AM
Hi and welcome to HDF. :hithere:

Who put the splitters in? You or the cable co.?

Are the splitters hi bandwidth 1.2 Ghz or are they the low bandwidth 900 Mhz style?