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Warranty- where to buy for best price?

07-05-2005, 11:11 PM
Hello again folks. This is my 2nd post here. I am now interested in buying a very good repair/replacement warranty for my soon to be purchased HDTV. I have heard of Repairtech. Can some kind soul give me a short list of any other affordable aftermarket warranty services? When I was at CC they wanted like 399 for only 2 years of a warranty. Their warranty prices are a bit much. This aftermarket warranty will be for a brand new lcd type HDTV. By what I have read it makes good sense to buy a 4 or 5 year extended warranty. The RepairTech plan seems to work that buying their 4 year warranty actually gives you 5 years of total protection. The original 1 year warranty runs, and then on the last day the 4 year plan kicks in giving a total of 5 years of in-home protection. So which are the best warranty companies for me to protect my investment? The 60" Sony I am looking at is under $2,500. That seems to be a cut off before the higher priced warranty prices begin above $2,500. Thanks people for reading this. This HDTV newbs' eyes are red from all the reading I am doing these past few weeks to be sure. John C.