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Is this "clouding"?

05-13-2009, 09:16 PM
I have read many discussions about clouding, and it seem to be a condition that is characterized by "light" areas, i.e., "clouds." I have a condition that I would call the opposite of clouding. On my Samsung LN-T4071F, I have a "darkish" area (when seen on pictures with a very light background, like sky) in the lower right hand corner. To me, this is the opposite of clouding. Is this a common phenomenon? What causes it? Can it be eliminated/fixed? It is about a year old, but we have an extended warranty. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

05-13-2009, 11:08 PM
Welcome to the forum. :hithere:

Since you DO have an extended warranty, I would say to just have them come and look at the issue and find a solution. Since it is LCD I would guess that possibly the crystals are not at the same speed as the rest of the display as a wild guess. Somehow maybe crystals with different reaction times go mixed at the factory that could cause this. If you show a full white screen does it eventually change to white in the dark areas?

Regardless I would call Samsung first and try to get it resolved if it is within the first year still. That way if the replace the display, you still have the extended warranty. Most ext. warranties have a clause that if they replace the product, that concludes the ext. warranty and you have no coverage on the new replacement without buying another warranty.

Good luck & hope this helps! Please let us know the outcome. :hithere: