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DTV Samsung SIR-TS360 HD Box

06-25-2005, 09:14 PM
Hello all..Ok ive been dealing with DTV for the last 4 weeks about my HD flickering in and out "1/2 delay" you might say..So my journey begins..I received my 3rd HD box today the Samsung SIR-TS360 the screen has NOT flickered so far, Its HUGE though like a 1985 VCR lol, i told the rep that ,he laughed also,2nd.. it has no HDMI input just a DVI, i didnt like that.Have to know when i 1st got my HD box from DTV i had to go buy a HDMI-HDMI cable,becuse my JVC had only HDMI connect..now out of $ 99.99 becuse i have to use the DVI to HDMI with this box.err following me i hope..:) So now i have the Samsung SIR-TS360 hooked up using the optical output for sound to my Dennon receiver,the sound WONT work through the Tv @ all "even trying the coaxial jacks" Sooo, i have another HD box comming Monday..Well see if that one works..lol..For the Samsung SIR-TS360,its a good picture..HD is great i must say..i watch everything in HD now off-Air, movies using [email protected] least for this weekend..:) Does anyone else have this Samsung SIR-TS360 HD box..? Ive had 2 Samsung H10S ..The DTV rep told me if i got the VIVO HD box for 700.00 something, i wouldnt have a problem ever..Is that true? Thx 4 your time.. Oh i almost forgot..The Samsung SIR-TS360 was Remanufactured! from DTV ,i HATED that.I could'nt get over paying full price for a year old used HD receiver..So the 2nd rep i talk to understood why i was pissed and said i would receive a brand new 1 this time..I swear , ive never had so many 'stupid ''boring 'troublesome times since i got this HD stuff..haha..$ and time to get the toys i guess..

06-26-2005, 09:22 AM
I've had my SIR-TS360 for 18 months now and no problem. I use the optical audio and it works fine. I use the DVI connection and I get a great image. Sorry that the audio didn't work.