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Amazon offers Blu-ray exclusives

Lee Stewart
04-27-2009, 07:13 PM
About 40 titles available only at online retailer

By Susanne Ault -- Video Business, 4/17/2009
APRIL 17 | Having solidified its place as a leading Blu-ray Disc destination, Amazon.com has strategically pursued product exclusives and now lists 40 Blu-ray versions available at its site and nowhere else.

The online retailer has a Blu-ray market share several times that of its DVD share, according to studios, which Amazon has achieved in part with unparalleled selection. Some of its Blu-ray exclusives are titles not available elsewhere, and some are unique versions of more widely available titles. Additionally, Amazon offers dozens of exclusive multi-title Blu-ray packages, representing savings from individually sold units.

“Our customers have been early adopters of the new format, and our focus supports our customers’ interests in Blu-ray,” said Kristin Smith, senior manager of Amazon movies. “We believe Blu-ray leadership is important both today and in the future, and therefore we are investing resources in creating a great destination for learning about, discovering and buying Blu-ray.”

Upcoming Amazon exclusive Blu-ray titles include April 21 Warner Music Group releases Josh Groban: Wide Awake and Michael Bublé: Caught in the Act. Also slated are June 2 History Channel releases from A&E Home Video, Life After People and The Crusades: Crescent & the Cross.

Titles that will have versions with exclusive extras at Amazon include Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music from Warner Home Video. Amazon’s edition holds an exclusive bonus disc featuring performances by The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Country Joe and the Fish.

Plus, Amazon is exclusively selling a collector’s Blu-ray version of Twilight on May 5. It is the most premium edition of the movie, retailing at $79.99, and boasts a jewelry box, a watch and a charm bracelet, among other exclusive extras.

There should be a steady flow of Amazon Blu-ray exclusives throughout the year, as the site is rallying around these titles as key competitive distinctions.

“Amazon is focused on offering the Earth’s biggest selection, and our Blu-ray category is no exception,” said Smith. “We specifically seek out content that is not available anywhere else on Blu-ray, because we want to ensure that our customers who have made the switch to Blu-ray have the best selection of content to choose from, and that Amazon can be the place to discover and buy it.”


04-27-2009, 07:51 PM
You know Lee if you keep posting good things about BD, then we are going to start thinking you are a BD cheerleader.

We just cannot have that! :lol:

04-27-2009, 08:15 PM
You mean other places sell blu-ray titles?

Ok...ok.. I did know that and have actually bought a handful of titles at local stores, but lets face it- Amazon is generally the best place to buy them anyway. This would probably be a bigger deal had a B&M store got them.

04-27-2009, 09:30 PM
Amazon had HD DVD exclusives as well, which were exclusively very obscure indie movies, HDNet docs or Nature stuff. They've always been #1 on my list for buying HDM, and it's nice to see them getting Blu-ray exclusives so that B&Ms can take even more notice that they need to start getting more competitive with the online giants.

04-28-2009, 12:46 AM
Amazon can sell these in lower volume and at lower price points and still make profit easier than all but a few outlets like Bst Buy can at brick and mortar stores.

It is an indicator that BD25 and even BD50 replication is becoming more available and even cheaper for second tier studio and niche content providers.

Its more a nice indicator of easing Blu-ray production costs and greater available replication capacity and maturing Blu-ray production capacity than consumer demand as Amazon can sustain profits at very low unit volumes.

04-28-2009, 01:26 AM
The first thought I had was it's bad to split the collection like that when the title count is still low...but people made some good points about these movies being otherwise unavailable.