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Advanced Contrast Enhancer won't turn off?

03-28-2009, 11:50 PM

I've just gotten a new Sony KDL-46S5100 LCD TV which has been an incredible deal for such a decent picture, but I am having a huge problem with what I believe is the "ACE" Advanced Contrast Enhancer.

Its crap, basically. Its a lovely idea to change the backlight based on a histrograph, but in practice it just chances too often. I found a option to turn it off, yet no effect.

Am I being a stupid, is the TV broken, or is there really no way to turn it off?

BTW, its really easy to reproduce this problem if you have a netflix Roku. Just select a film and while it buffers, about 4 seconds in it will dim because most of the screen is black. This is really dumb since there is still very high whites on the screen.