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Which Satellite carries which channels?

06-19-2005, 11:30 AM
We have lost ESPN HD, Discovery HD and HDNet. Which satellite gives the feed for these 3 channels? Is it 119? That's the one which now has no signal in the system test and we also get a failed LNB message too.

Have had a technician come out 2 times for this same problem which has not been fixed. He only checked the LNB's and replaced all three of them. He said trees. The dish clears the trees. I have posted in another thread here asking about the multi-switch being a possible cause of this. Two posts say yes. Should I make another call to have the multi-switch checked. Looks like DirecTV could broadcast HDTV without even having to change out the dish pointing... What gives with this stuff?

06-19-2005, 07:09 PM
I went through 3 multiswitches, kept burning out. Sometimes I lost 110, sometimes 119, and once I lost all 3.

It's not the LNB... he's ripping you off. it's either the multiswitch or the way the dish is pointed.

I would test a new multiswitch first, cause you can take that back to the store and get ur money back if it's not the problem.

In the meanintime, if there is anyway you can just run your HD signal straight to your HD set, that will fix the problem as well (If it's the switch).

To do this, simply figure out what line goes to your tv room and unplug it from the switch. Then, unplug one of your satellite feeds from the other side of the switch. Get one of those cable to cable adapters from radio shack (99 cents or something) that enables you to connect 2 cables together. Then check your HD. If it's working, then ur multiswitch is bad. If it's not working, then your satellite is not getting the signal and needs remounted or pointed, but my bet is that this will work for you.

I ended up keeping mine wired to my tv directy because I was burning out multiswitches left and right.