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how often does your cablevision dvr reboot or freeze-replaced how many times

02-25-2009, 11:39 PM
How often does your cablevision dvr randomly reboot or freeze and how many have you replaced yor 8300hd dvr. It seems cable dvrs are still in its infancy stage, especially with hdmi.

Now my 2nd dvr not only reboots randomly but but for a change of pace the litter bugger goes into reboot loops and add a little picture freezing for a fringe benefit. Service call diagnosis results--you have a great signal, healthy dvr, so lets change a perfectly good spliter and now you are cured. Also since we care about you, we want to give you triple package for more agrivation. I will now try for a 3rd sa 8300hd dvr and count the days on my fingers or toes to the next reboot like being shipped recked on a island and waiting to be rescued by time warner cable.

I was really thinking of going to fios triple package but I heard the motorolla dvr has hdmi troubles with some samsung tvs and I dont want to sign a contract and take a chance as I have a samsung ln32a550 tv. I hear the fios multi dvr has cant find hub issues. So I was thinking about tivo but that seems a like hassle dealing with 2 services.

02-26-2009, 07:56 AM
I Live in North NJ, I have had no problems with my DVR box (FYI) from cablevision, my 3 services have been problem free. (Knock on wood)

02-26-2009, 01:08 PM
I generally don't have problems. I have had to re-boot my DVR 3 times this year. The TV works fine, the problem is sometimes I go to play a recorded show and when I click play, it goes to the main DVR (List) screen and doesn't play. After I re-boot, it's fine. Also, I just had to boot my non-DVR box because all of the program info said "no data available". This happens like 2x a year.