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No Replies? Dish Network(RCA) 40' HDTV Issue

06-13-2005, 01:38 PM
***A starting point anywhere would help! Please! I guess I can also add that I have this TV running through an Acoustic Research Line conditioner model:AP08V. SHould I take that out of the loop and try? ANY suggestion at this point would be greatly appreciated.*** :confused:

I have had my Dish Network ...actually... RCA HDTV 40' rear projection TV for 5 months and all of a sudden it went out, wouldn't turn on anymore and was making a horrible sound when I attempted to turn it on. I got a TV repair place to repair the set and the transformer had gone out on the TV.

My concern is how this relates to a problem that still persists with the TV. I have TWC and it is hooked up to the SA8300HD box. When I turn on the set and the cable box, it will lock up after I turn the channel one time, then the cable box will finally reset itself, and after that I am good to go. I have to 'catch' this freeze in time to turn off the TV or else it will make a pop reverb noise thru the TV sets speakers.

Any ideas what is causing this behavior. I have had the cable box replaced to see if that was the culprit and yet it still continues.

Please advise.