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Circuit City Is selling the KD-34XBR960 For $110 Off The $2,199 Price !

06-12-2005, 04:18 PM
I was looking at the Sales at the online stores today.Every Sunday they are listed for that week's sale.
Circuit City has taken off $110 from the sale price of $2,199 on the SONY High Definition KD-34XBR960..free delivery included..unless I misread THAT part.

Circuit City is an authorized Sony dealer.

Beware of the online companies that are not authorized.I learned the hard way about that recently.I'd buy this Sony today ..but am still in the middle of a dispute with a charge some bogus company put on my credit card..even though I cancelled the order. So I really can't spend anymore money right now until the other thing is resolved.
Bad Timing .