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Video Pass thru on Onkyo HT-R510

01-28-2009, 06:07 PM
Hope i give you guys the info you need to help me. If not let me know.

I have an Onkyo HT-R510. Love it, but it has some years on it. I am in the process of setting up an PC running media portal (MCE). The back on my receiver has 2 component ins and 1 out. I have always had my old DVD player on one of the in's and it seemed fine. Once I set this up the pc video card will have component jacks to replace my DVD player since the pc has a blue ray player in it and TV tuner.

My question. Does the Onkyo just pass any signal thru no matter that the resolution is? My friend had the same Onkyo and went out an purchased a Onkyo 6100 that has the HDMI connections as he heard the 510 will only pass thru 720P and not 1080P.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or will this 510 be good or bad? I think the test will be to hook the pc directly into the tv to see if I get a better picture, but I was hoping to continue using the 510 since I m very happy with it.

Advanced thank you for any help on this.