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TWC/ScientificAtlanta Switching between HDMI and Component?

01-16-2009, 12:59 PM
Time Warner Cable and a Scientific Atlanta explorer 8300 DVR.

I have 2 TVs connected to the same S/A cable box. The living room TV (fujitsu plasma) is connected via component cables through a Denon receiver, and the bedroom TV (Samsung LCD) is directly connected to the cable box via HDMI.

I know that the S/A box can not simultaneously use both the HDMI and component outputs. This is ok. I donít need to watch both TVs at the same time.

To watch the HDMI connected Samsung, I select the HDMI source in the tvís settings and all works well. However, it seems the only way I can get the cable box back to using the component outputs (to watch the living room Fujitsu) is to unplug the HDMI cable from the box.

Is there anyway within the S/A cable box settings to select and deselect the HDMI output? Ideally I would be able to select Component or HDMI without having to unplug the HDMI cable every time.

As an interesting note:

After Iíve unplugged the HDMI cable so I can watch the Component connected Fujitsu, I cannot plug the HDMI cable back into the box (and still watch the fujitsu) until I first change the channel a few times and then turn everything off. While everything is off I can plug the HDMI cable back into the box, turn everything back on, and can still watch the Fujitsu. Until I enable the HDMI connected Samsung.

By the way, Time Warnerís tech support is a joke. I could not get the guy off his script. Iím not sure I was even talking to a human. Unfortunately, I have no choice as to cable providers.

I appreciate any advice.