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Can this TV upconvert?

05-30-2005, 04:56 PM

Hey guys, I'm really looking into buying this TV for the upcoming XBOX. However, it is not very clear if it can accept 720p/480p signals, and it doesn't even say if it is 1080i. I am really hesitant after reading all the specs, but after seeing it in person it was beautiful. I just want to know the bones behind the beauty on this one...I can live with the fact that there is no HDMI. I really need this thing to handle a range of signals though. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

PS: It's not on the Philips site for some reason...

05-30-2005, 06:40 PM
It's a 1080i set, ALL of the CRTs are. Interlaced sets aren't so hot for PC & Gamebox use... 720p progressive scan is much better... consider a similar sized LCD.

05-30-2005, 06:45 PM
Not all CRTs are 1080i. There are a few 720p units, like this one:

05-31-2005, 01:20 PM
Okay, okay, caught again... I should have said "All consumer HDTVs based on CRT technology are 1080i"... there IS exactly ONE 'presentation monitor', and a few Graphics workstation displays... That Monovision 34" should be a big hit with gamers, but it does have the disadvantge you're NOT going to be dragging it to any Meets... the damn thing weights 200+ pounds. :eek:

There was one of the first HDTVs from Panasonic (I think) that was a progressive scan 720p CRT... but it had a MSRP of $3500+ and was, I think, a 38" set... Anyone remember this one? I drooled on it for a couple of years, but couldn't rationalize the expense...

06-03-2005, 04:27 PM
Just change the word ALL with MOST and it works just fine.:)

06-03-2005, 11:53 PM
Remember that early Panny? Must have been 5 years ago...

06-07-2005, 10:45 AM
I saw this philips set, a 27" CRT, 1080i, it`s got hdmi input, what do you guys think of it? Costs $500, would u recommend it over sony`s drc 27" which is $850 and has no hdmi?

06-07-2005, 02:18 PM
I'd recommend you look at small direct view LCD flat panels... these are native 720p/60 displays... You can get a 26" LCD starting at $850.

As a gamer, you should appreciate that 1080i is not only interlaced, but only runs at 30 frames per second. 720p is progressive at 60 frames per second.