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Choice Q- bet Sharp Aquos vs Phillips/Toshiba

12-10-2008, 02:09 PM
Hello experts,

am torn bet Sharp & othrs I trust incd Phillips & Toshiba. Basically these are my wish list that satisfy me for now to 3 yrs:

Big screen to watch 5 ft fm my sofa- brightlight livin room, wallmount
have a dish basic SD chanlls, wud like to watch free HD chanels, hv dish DVR box 625..
need to connect old model xbox, my laptop, toshiba hometheatre, toshiba std dvd/vcr
for possible connect to USB 4 pics/video, wireless capable, sony camera conect, hv 1 wireless sterio/headphone,

Right now, 2 days back bough sharp aquos c4655U' fm costco for$999 since coupen expires at last day but not yet opened.

am torn bet sharp vs phillips/toshiba in features wise, longetivity. considering what in my wish list above, can anyone suggest a particular model/brand in sharp/phillips/toshiba/samsung that will help if i needed to return the sharp although i ve 90 days to return.

I realy appreciate you experts feedback. thanks - kumo

12-10-2008, 06:10 PM
Don't go philips, I just returned the one I bought because it had a considerable amount of back light bleed through in the corners and top and bottom, I ended up getting a samsung(LN40a530) I hear the 550 series is really good also. Not to mention philips is no longer selling their own product in america anymore. I used to stand by philips because I have owned them in the past but I couldnt believe the shoddy craftsmanship that went into that tv. I know a lot of people like the toshiba regza maybe some of them will chime in for you.