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First Post: Hello, and I need some help, please!!!

BK's Dollaboy
05-24-2005, 12:33 PM
OK, I Just recently got a Sharp Aquos 37" HV4U, It has been sitting in my living room looking beautiful because I did not set anything up.

Along with the TV, I have this:


And This:


What Else Do I need (Except for the LNB Dish of course) ????

Is HDTV Really THAT worth it?

Do I have a decent set up, and as Soon as I hook this up, will I be able to get HDTV on the channels supplying it? Do I have to contact DirecTV also? Because I did not get the HD receiver from them, nor will I be getting the dish. I may have to contact them for installation, and would I need the card from them also? (I already have an account and a setup in a seperate room)

Am I set? Anything else I need (Oh, I also have the component cables), Will my experience be good?

Thanks guys, this is my first post, please make me feel welcome and comfortable.

PS, I will be setting this up myself (Except for the Dish), There shouldn't be any problems right?

One more thing, Is anyone on here selling the triple LNB dish? How much should I normally pay for this thing? No more than 20 right?

05-24-2005, 01:19 PM
Looks like a good set up all round to me. You have everything you need except maybe a VCR. But that may be a moot point with the Tivo, I don't know what you VHS collection looks like.

Since you're not going to install the new dish yourself, your best option (IMO) is to call a local satallite contractor and buy the dish and intsall in one fell swoop. I don't know what Directv's price is for the upgrade, but check with them and some locals. Once it's hooked up, just call Directv it activate the box, or do it online. Since you are already a subscriber, it'll be easy and DTV doesn't care who you bought the box from. The Receiver should have come with an access card. If not, you will need one from Directv.

Only suggestion I have is go with HDMI from the receiver to the TV instead of component.

BK's Dollaboy
05-24-2005, 03:34 PM
I thought component gives the best picture resolution?

05-24-2005, 04:44 PM
HDMI would be preferred, but it's moot because it does not look like you have a HDMI or DVI output on the HTIB anyway.

Your HTIB manual should have a connection diagram for everything except the TiVo. Get a satellite installer to hook up your TiVo. I'd expect to pay a bit more than $20 for a HD dish. More like $200 installed, perhaps more.