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Hookup of DirecTV HD TiVo to DVD Recorder?

05-24-2005, 09:21 AM
My wife and I have been very happy owners of a DirecTV HD TiVo box that we bought along with Pioneer's 42-inch plasma TV in late January, but we have one problem. We want to attach our Philips' DVD recorder to the HD TiVo box to save a few programs on disk versus doing it with a VCR. (Yes we know that Blu Ray or HD DVD are coming, but we don't care at this point.) Instructions from DirecTV and Philips say its possible, but I have failed to do it three times in the past month or so and the 'hotlines' for each company unhelpful and contradicted each other.

Before I break down and bring in an installer (!) to put this together does anyone have any suggestions? Help!

Thanks! Mickeyogi

05-24-2005, 09:24 AM
Need the model number on the DVD recorder

05-24-2005, 06:33 PM
It's the Philips DVDR 75


05-24-2005, 07:21 PM
On the rear of your TiVo unit there are two sets of audio/video (A/V) outputs. One is marked Tape Out as I recall. Connect this to the In Ext 2 A/V inputs on your DVR. You will have to select the source to match.

It may be that if you have the component output connected to your TV that the composite video will not go through to the component video. This happens on some units. Try connecting the OUT 2 composite video to your TV. You should be able to get the TiVo through the DVR without burning a disc.

On my setup there seems to be a slight change in brightness from time to time as though there is a copy guard working, but it is so slight it doesn't bother me. The burnt DVDs seem ok though.

05-25-2005, 05:09 AM
I'll give this a shot tonight after work and let everyone know how it goes.