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Hookup advice for Sony Bravia components

The FlyerFly
11-18-2008, 06:26 PM
hello all. first timer here.

i am jumping right into my first HDTV system and have settled on the 40" Sony Bravia Z-Series LCD Flat Panel HDTV (Mod # KDL-40Z4100/B) and the Sony Bravia Micro Theater System (Mod # DAV-IS50/B)...

what i need to know is what else i should expect to need for the hookups, cables, etc. the only components i expect to be connecting that i already own is a Playstation 3 and a digital cable converter box. i expect to use the PS3 for Blu-Ray and DVD discs, at least for awhile until i decide to buy a dedicated player.

sorry for the generality of the question. any advice, links, or information will be HUGELY appreciated.