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Give Directtv credit for not hesitating to get back to me at least

05-23-2005, 07:44 AM
But thats as far as i will go. Loyal customer, Sunday Ticket subscriber. I simply sent a email asking them why I should stay and went on to tell them the offers from Dish and my cable company vs their offer if the customer wants to move up in the limited HD world with their new multithousand dollar hd ready tv.
It was a polite email just wanting to know if they had plans to give customers incentive to stay. A couple of the plans like charging 99 extra to watch NFL games in HD after you already purchased their HD equipment for a hefty sum i don' believe to be working so well.
The guy was polite so no hard feelings. He offered me a break, i could buy their hd receiver(no dvr) capability for 200 and if i wanted DVR it would only cost 799! Free install though so i was almost swayed until i asked him if he would give a break on channel packages considering everyone else is. No go but the good news, i would own my equipment vs renting it! I told him i would probably rather rent it, that way if something crapped out a few years down the road i could rent another one vs buying theirs again. Considering the excuse for the 99 dollar extra charge on the Ticket is due to it costing alot of money to air the NFL games in HD, I can only assume the cost to maintain the new satellites could be extraordinary as well and the customer will feel it in purchasing HD equipment for a few years at least.
Sorry this is long, just blown away by Directtv's arrogance at this time. Hate to lose the ticket but where do you draw the line? Next year HD superfan package 150? When do you all as Directtv loyal subscribers say we don't need you as much as you need us?

Spicy Mikey
05-24-2005, 08:15 AM
I agree with your feelings on this. It's all about crossing an imaginary line on what's fair and what's not.

I can understand paying an extra $5 for the HD package since we get additional content not otherwise available. However, how does DirecTV justify upcharging $99 for the same games in HD? Didn't we already pay through the nose for this HD equipment? Isn't HD the new format that everyone is supposed to embrace and be moving towards? This isn't new bleeding edge technology anymore like it was 5 years ago. Hell, you can't even FIND a large screen TV anymore in the stores that's not HD ready? Why are we still paying extra in 2005 to receive a higher quality picture in HD?

There's no question DirecTV has crossed the line on this one. Up until now I always put D* above the crowd on customer focus. However, this one move cost them my trust and I will always look at them with suspicion when I make purchasing decisions from this point forward.