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Panasonic TH50PZ85U Audio question

11-07-2008, 09:08 PM
I just got a new Panasonic TH50PZ85U and am very happy with the picture. I am having an issue with sound though. I have my Dish ViP612 hooked up through HDMI 1, my Panasonic Blu-ray DMP-BD35 hooked up to HDMI 2 and I also get my locals OTA through coax. I have the optical audio out going to my JVC RX-6010VBK receiver's optical in. The audio coming from HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 doesn't come through as surround on my receiver. But, when I just use the OTA tuner, I get surround sound just fine. I am new to the HDMI technology and can't figure out what the problem could be. I figured that I should be getting the best audio and video going into my TV through HDMI and I know that the optical audio is pretty good, but why don't I get the surround sound signal from the HDMI? Any help or direction as to where to look would be great.


11-12-2008, 10:21 AM
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Most (all?) displays (including this model) only send out 5.1 from the optical output on the display when the source is the TV's tuners. You should be running the optical (assuming the receiver does not have HDMI inputs) directly to the receiver from the other devices (i.e. Dish STB & BD player). This will get you the best sound, and avoid this issue completely.

Hope this helps!