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Optoma RD50/H or RD65H

05-17-2005, 02:37 PM
I'm new to the HDTV market. I have had the same ghetto 27" w/ a fuzzy screen and a weird green blob for the past 7yrs.

I finally decided to drop the cash and after doing some reading I have decided to go with either the OPTOMA RD50 or the RD65H.

I have seen the RD50 up close and I'm very impressed with its picture. The only drawback is that the A model doesn't have HDCP support. The RD50H I found I can get the 65" model (RD65H) for the same price as the RD50H.

So my question is this... on the 65" due to the larger screen is there going to be much, if any, real change in the picture quality compared to the RD50. My fear is going larger may give the picture a bit more fuzz/etc, but for a 2000 price tag I really would prefer the 65" if the quality will be minimal difference due to the screen increase, and from my reading HDCP is the future connector of choice so I might as well get it now.

So I'm debating on the RD50 or the RD65H. I know that for a while I wont need the HDCP support and I can have Optoma update it for a few hundred when I finally do need it, but if the RD65H is close to performance I might just shell it out now.

Your thoughts? Sorry I'm jumbled... I'm at work, I'm tired and I'm confused on HDTV stuff...lol.