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Directv HD vs Cable HD....

05-17-2005, 11:06 AM
which is better? Obvisously, I guess it depends on each individual. However, here is my story.

I currently subscribe to Directv (DTV) and Brighthouse (BH). I ONLY have DTV for the NFL Sunday Ticket. I remain with BH b/c of there HD programming.
I was considering the switch to DTV soley for the reason of not paying for two services. However, after finding this site and reading the posts about DTV lack of HD services, I will remain with both instead of switching to one.
Why stay with both? One, DTV has cornered the market with the NFL ST through 2010. Cable, or other providers keep missing the opportunity to procur the NFL ST. Think about it, if BH landed the contract for ST, then DTV would be lost. By DTV maintaining its lock on the NFL ST, it still creates a need or want for consumers like myself. In addition, once my year "commitment" is up, and after the NFL season. I will suspend my DTV account only to resume it prior to the start of the NFL season. This way I don't have to pay for about 6 months of service I don't use.
I was very close to switching to DTV HD until I read that DTV is charging customers an additional $99 for the "Superfan" package that offers the games in HD. Wait a minute, there was no charge last year. What a joke! It never fails that given the opporunity providers will stick it to the customer. In addition, you have to pay up front for the HD equipment w/ DTV (expensive). BH is a low monthly rental fee. Plus, since technology is ever changing BH will update their HD receivers. I'm not sure if DTV does. I imagine you'd have to shell out $$ for another.
IMO, BH has better HD programming than DTV, plus they don't make the HD service an additional charge like DTV ($10.99). Although, BH does charge for premium HD channels and ESPN HD. I still enjoy local channels in HD w/out having to worry about an OTA (over the air antenna) as I would with DTV.
I believe that each provider has customer service (CS) issues. Presently, I have been okay with DTV CS. However, BH is a different story. I dread calling them when I have a problem, plus they continue to raise their rates. My suggestion to anyone having a rough encounter w/ a CS rep is to call back. Actually, there are CS rep's that are extremely helpful and treat the customer right. Unfortunately, there are those that don't care as well. If you encounter the "I don't care what your problem is", call back. You will probably get connected to another CS rep. If you find one you like, ask for there extension so you can deal with them directly instead of jumping through hoops.
I'm curious to anyone else who has an opinion on HD services from BH or DTV. Which do you like, or what is your experience with either? Thanks for the read, I know it was lengthy. :)

05-19-2005, 04:15 PM
Like you said, it depends on each individual.
In your case, I'll will stay with both systems.The best of both words!
In my case, I'll keep DirecTV more channels, more options and local HD channels FREE with OTA. BH made a lot improvement but still behind on satellite quality pic. The satellite HD pic is better than cable, period! DirecTV will launch soon the local HD channels if you don't want to use the OTA but may charge an extra fee for that service.
Also, I don't believe to much the BH people because four months ago I ask them when they are planning to carry WAPA America channel and every months they're telling me next month we will have it. The true is DirecTV has a exclusive contract to carry that channel till 2006! So why they don't tell the true? :(
If you looking more HD channels and better pic, now Dish network carry 10 HD VOOM channels and next year the other 11 HD VOOM Channels but that is another subject. :hithere: