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DISH - What a Nightmare!

05-15-2005, 06:45 PM
I fell for the false promises made by DISH. It all sounded good so I had it installed. Big mistake! First, they promised local channels until the tech did the install. He told me, no local channels, but for $450 I can put up an outside antenna so I could get locals. I didnít want to spend the money, but after a month with no NFL I had an antenna guy install a HD antenna set up and I got
CBS-HD and PBS-HD plus other locals. Hereís the kicker, the OTA HD picture was better than the DISH HD picture. I called DISH, I did what they recommended, but nothing made it any better. No tech ever came out to my house. Bad is this was, the worst was that the DISH system would reprogram itself at random. It usually took about 15 minutes to go through the routine. It seemed to always do this in the middle of a movie. Then there was the billing.
After six months I questioned my bill and I found that they were over charging me for equipment I did not have. Finally, I am moving and I gave them a month advanced notice. I kept asking for the shipping cartons and labels and they assured me they were on the way. Finally they turned my DISH off and I once again asked were the shippers were. This time they told me the shipping material is not send until the service is turned off. Why didnít they tell me that when I first notified them I was terminating their service!!! I have now delayed my moving just so I can wait for he shipping materials. I would have just left the equipment here but DISH told me they would charge my VISA card with the equipment cost if I failed to return the stuff. BTW, with all my calls to DISH I often found myself talking to an operator who was not too well versed in English.
Just maybe, that could be some of their problems. Or my problems!
DISH was my worst experience in cable/satellite TV. I would not have DISH service in my house even if it were free!

05-15-2005, 11:32 PM
Suffice it to say, you should have come on this board first before jumping headfirst into your endeavor. With all the knowledgeable people on this forum, you would have saved yourself a lot of grief. Or should I say, been a little bit better informed before getting the surprises that you got. Of course, I say this with hindsight being what it is.

DISH was never this bad, even going just a few years back. I believe part of the problem arose when they started farming out their customer service overseas. The lack of simple understanding of the product and procedures by the new people they use for customer service is appalling, and unfortunately it's Joe Q. Consumer who winds up getting royally screwed (as it was in your case).