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Qdeo by Marvel

Chris Gerhard
09-26-2008, 08:02 AM
I have decided my LG BH200 does a great job with DVD and just this morning decided to try to learn about the Qdeo processing chip that is used by the player. I found a few articles and have seen many posts at the various forums trying to get a handle on how good it is and what potential it has. Marvell is the company behind the chip and here are a few sites and articles for anybody interested.

Being used in Japan with Blu-ray recorders:


A lengthy interview with Dr. Nikhil Balram of Marvell, just click on the picture to see the video:


The Marvel Qdeo site with lots of links:


It appears the chip is definitely competitive with Silicon Optix and Anchor Bay Technologies chips and has uses for Blu-ray in addition to DVD. I don't have a clue where the Spurs Engine and SRT and XDE fits in with all of this but if somebody understands how these products compare and the various advantages, it would be nice to pass that understanding on.

I know more than I knew before I started searching this morning.